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Compliance Skills: Example Usage on Resumes, Skill Set & Top Keywords in 2024

Here are the top ways to show your compliance skills on your resume. Find out relevant compliance keywords and phrases and build your resume today.

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You might be thinking to yourself just about now, "So, I make sure that boss follows the state-wide law. Big deal…"

But guess what?

Compliance is one of those noteworthy skills you should include on your resume.

It is also one of the most highly sought out soft skills by recruiters and - in a sense - an art form.

Compliance skills are ensuring that the business or organization adheres to all national (and international) regulatory frameworks and policies.

Some of the measures that could be implemented to guarantee this are:

  • risk assessments and management
  • compliance investigations
  • training and educating staff on the latest compliance policies

Most important is perhaps the skill set necessary to institute organization-wide practices to secure that the highest level of compliance is attained.

Within this guide, we will show you how to showcase your compliance soft skills via your experience and the results you've achieved.

Let's start by answering one of the most important questions out there.

Why is compliance wanted by recruiters on your resume

With the constant (and complex) regulatory changes, hiring competent compliance staff members has become an urgent ticket item on everyone's agenda.

This new, digital environment requires a versatile compliance skill set to:

  • understand organizations' strategy and goals
  • map the industry niche
  • meet legal obligations and follow business law
  • always achieve high standards

Compliance basically shows that you have had experience in guarding the ethical integrity of an organization.

Ethical integrity is linked with the values, beliefs, and moral obligations - both to the organization, staff, and clients.

We won't be getting into too many details about ethical integrity as it embodies concepts from psychology, philosophy, etc. It's crucial to any business.

If you possess compliance skills, you're in luck.

There's a high demand for experienced members and virtually any industry provides an opportunity for growth - especially those with heavy regulations in place (e.g. healthcare and fintech).

In the next part of our guide, we’ll look in more detail about the skills that are linked with compliance.

What skills, activities and accomplishments help you highlight your compliance

There’s an abundance of skills to help you showcase your compliance. Here’ are our Enhancv top three picks:

  • Security Vulnerabilities Management - having an understanding of the precise threats an organization is facing allows for strategic thinking ahead.

    Within your resume, make sure you highlight any certifications you have in ISO and safety standards; response regulations; control and abuse policies - and more specifically how you've used this knowledge to protect the organization's systems.

  • Risk assessment and management - your resume is the perfect opportunity to talk about the whole process: from identifying and analyzing the risk to strategizing and monitoring it.

    Don't forget to mention the systems you've used to score the risk and how it has impacted the big picture of things.

  • Workplace ethics - compliance requires an individual to have strong work ethics and morals, which are best expressed via actions.

    You can use a separate section of your resume to demonstrate your integrity of character by illustrating an achievement (or recognition) you've received, or, perhaps, highlight your own code of conduct.

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How to demonstrate compliance on your resume

  • Compliance is about the systems and measures you’ve implemented in place: demonstrate how the positive effect they’ve had on the workplace
  • If you’ve had to conduct compliance seminars and trainings, briefly outline those within the achievements section
  • This soft skill has a focus on your ability to stay up to date with the latest regulatory frameworks, so you can list all of your recent and relevant certificates
  • Describe some compliance measures you’ve in place and how they are used to: avoid conflicts and resolve problems.
  • Knowledge (and certifications) in business law, administration, policies and frameworks would be an excellent opportunity to shine a light on your compliance skills

Just a few more tips to keep in mind are to always read up the job requirements and to customize your resume in accordance with the required skills.

Also, be honest about your compliance skills because aptitude tests would always show recruiters if you know (or not) what you’re talking about.

Sounds like we’re giving away too much information, right?

Well, we happen to have some real-life examples from professionals to show you exactly how to play up your compliance skills on your resume.

Example 1: Demonstrate compliance in the experience section

Compliance Officer
Scott Ltd. Paper Manufacturers
Raleigh, NC
  • Ensured that all 10+ staff of the company receive quarterly compliance training to update on latest procedures
  • Audited and assessed regulatory vulnerabilities and ensured that proper frameworks address them
  • Participated in strategic meetings to ensure that all compliance policies are in place - resulting in a 15% boost increase in the profit margin
  • Communicated standard regulatory procedures when on-boarding new clients to ensure that the integrity of all parties concerned is intact

Looking at the example above, you’ll notice that a big part of the compliance officer’s role was to keep team members and clients updated regarding the latest policies and framework.

Thus, ensuring that everyone is informed, and their values are upheld.

Another crucial aspect of their role is assessing the risk and taking precautions.

Finally, they have a say in the big picture of things - did you know that with the correct framework installed, you could cut various miscellaneous costs and increase profit margins?

Example 2: Demonstrate compliance in the resume summary section

Certified Compliance Professional with 5+ years of experience in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Ensuring that organizations always update their policies with the latest legal framework. Creating an environment where individual values are protected with the appropriate measures to enhance company culture by 65%.

The resume summary can also be good for hinting at your compliance soft skills with relevant experience.

In the example above, the professional has highlighted their certification and industry or niche.

They’ve listed one of the principles of their work and focused on how team culture can be enhanced with the right approach towards regulatory obligations.

Example 3: Show your compliance in your achievements' section

Advanced Certified Compliance Professional (ACCP)
Went through the meticulous process of updating within the latest frameworks. Received excellent grades on the approach I recommended for both case studies.
’Policies & Regulations 101
Organized company-wide monthly trainings and also sent out bi-weekly newsletters. This decreased the number of human vulnerabilities and risks by 25%.
Branded Company Policies
Took the time to first translate the current policies into a more understandable language for all staff members and also created a branded document kit to both educate and entertain everyone. This rose staff member awareness of policies by 80%.

This section provides you the perfect chance to further explain your compliance capabilities.

You can talk about relevant certifications, methods you’ve used to educate your team, or measures you’ve taken that have had an impact on the overall strategy.

Example 4: Demonstrate the skill through other sections of your resume

Your compliance skills could also be included in other sections of your resume, e.g. certifications or volunteering.

Don’t forget to always rate your capabilities and show the results you’ve achieved using compliance.

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Here are the top related skills to compliance:

Compliance skills: key takeaways for your resume

  • Experienced professionals in compliance are in high demand - make sure you mention your experience of this soft skill on your resume
  • Think about the measures you’ve installed within your current workplace and how they’ve impacted the work culture and profit margins
  • Various sections of your resume could be focused on your compliance skills - remember to always quantify and qualify the results you’ve achieved with this skill
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