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Research is the backbone of all academic fields. With this in mind, it’s vital for any person hoping for a career in academia to secure research opportunities. The first step in this process is crafting a resume that can effectively demonstrate all of your previous work, technical skills and expertise. Mia successfully did this before getting hired as a post doctoral research associate at the University of York. How did she do it? See below.

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Meet Mia

Mia found herself drawn to immunology by her “curiosity and the prospect of making discoveries that could improve medical care”. As an astute student, her dedication speaks for itself in her resume. Even her interests in theatre have prepared her for life in academia “coming up with new research ideas is much like improvising a scene”. Finding a place in research has not always been easy, however. “I had to change my strategy applying for UK fellowships and the learning curve was steep”. With the help of her Enhancv resume, Mia was empowered in bringing her expertise across and showcasing her ability in the field. Now, she’s conducting her postdoctoral cancer research at the esteemed University of York.

  • What makes Mia’s research assistant resume effective

  • 1. It’s purposeful

    Researchers and students can lose focus when putting their resume together. Research assistant resumes tend not to focus on personal details and are typically longer than average. Mia kept her objective in mind when crafting her resume. From her publications to awards, there’s a laser-focus on displaying her academic talents without adding fluff or unnecessary details. The recruiters are given a concrete reference of her ability and former achievements.

  • 2. It’s evidence-based

    Making vague statements on your ability is one of the greatest mistakes you can make on your resume. Mia ensures her achievements are backed up by real experience. Failing to quantify your achievements will pad your resume out and come off as fluff. She avoids this by including her GPA with her education and detailing the specific tasks she undertook as part of her PhD and undergraduate degree. This way, there’s no doubting she can apply herself to new research opportunities and her expertise is presented in a valuable way.

  • 3. It tells a story

    No one gets to postdoctoral research without an extensive history in their field. Ensuring to tell your story on what brought you to where you are now is paramount. Mia details her story all the way from her undergraduate degree to now including her previous publications. This way, recruiters get to see she has been steadily improving on her skills and chasing her goals; two dedications necessary for doing well in cancer research.

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