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Sep 8, 2022 4 min read

Enhanced Lives is a series which aims to put our customers in the spotlight. In a short interview, we ask about their background, the experience they had with Enhancv and how it helped to improve their career.

Our fifth star is Destinee, an experienced techie who found a dream job in a SaaS company. How did Enhancv help her with that? Read on to find out.

Hi Destinee, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hey! I’m a Colorado native living in Denver, which is pretty rare these days considering how many people have moved here over the last few years. That being said, I love living in a city where the majority of people I meet are here because they’re passionate about the same ‘’Colorado things’’ as I am!

I’d say the best way to describe myself would be “outdoorsy homebody” because while I absolutely love being outside enjoying this state’s gorgeous nature, there’s really nothing I love more than cozying up at home with my cat Binge, listening to a good podcast (shoutout to Lady to Lady!).

I worked at a local brewery pub through college so I know my way around a craft beer list but I’m also a bit of a tech-nerd, well really just a nerd overall but technology is one of my favorite things to geek out over. I have my dad to thank for that as he’s spent the last 20+ years of his career in the SaaS industry as a Sales Engineer and never failed to share his contagious enthusiasm about the newest tech innovation with me.

All-in-all I feel pretty lucky to be in what I consider to be one of the most beautiful states that now has one of the most flourishing tech markets. The sun here is strong and the winters are harsh—but there’s something about being a mile high that just makes beer taste better!

Destinee Resume Enhanced Lives

What was the reason you created your resume?

I found myself in an expected situation at my former organization and realized I needed to begin looking for something better. I was actually hired at my previous job without even filling out an application and was offered a position within 20 minutes of being interviewed by the CEO.

Obviously, that wasn’t normal and should have been my first clue to run. Being a young and eager new graduate, however, made me believe I just must’ve been that lucky! As time went on, more and more unsettling things began to reveal themselves and I casually started exploring other options.

I knew that this time around landing the perfect job would not be nearly as easy and in Denver’s booming tech industry, I needed to put my best foot forward & stand out from the hundreds of other resumes companies would be sorting through.

Enhancv’s platform allowed me to do just that!!

Destinee resume Enhanced Lives

What do you like about Enhancv? Did you learn anything from it?

First of all, my Enhancv resume got a lot of positive comments from a number of hiring managers I was interviewed by, mainly on the impressive aesthetic. Many of my friends pointed out that being able to highlight accomplishments and strengths up front is a big differentiator seeing that most resumes are simply a list of previous positions with a short bio on top.

One of my friends who majored in Graphic Design told me that it was the most impressive resume design she had seen and actually went on your platform just recently to create her own resume, now that she is on the job hunt!

And what do I love about Enhancv?

First of all, it helped me get my new job! Also, it’s extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. It didn’t take more than 30 minutes to create a great resume. I could use the templates provided to guide the creation process. The tips that pop up once you start filling each section in help so much. You never get that ‘’What should I write here’’ kind of situation.

I could also customize my resume as much as I wanted to ensure it would be unique. When I finished crafting my resume on the Enhancv app, for the first time it felt like my resume actually reflects who I am as an individual and simultaneously, it looks cooler and sleeker than any resume I’ve created before!

What message would you send to other job seekers out there?

Never settle. Never settle because the job hunt feels too overwhelming and accepting the first offer you get spares you the stress of looking for a job that will fulfill you.

Never settle just because you’ve been on the hunt for what feels like too long and you just want a job, any job.

Never settle just because you don’t think you’re qualified, experienced or worthy enough of your dream job.

Never settle because no matter how chaotic, draining, or ego-shredding the job hunt can feel right now, you deserve better. That perfect fit does exist, keep pushing.

CTA Enhancv

I would like to thank Destinee for sharing her experience with us. It means a lot and we hope it will motivate many others to get started and upgrade to more human-centric and performance-based resumes.

If you’d like to contribute to Enhanced Lives series and share your achievements with others, send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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