You May Have Heard that ‘’Cover Letters Are Dead’’

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You might have heard that ‘’cover letters are dead’’ before. This idea isn’t without some merit. Around 55% of hiring managers don’t read cover letters according to a study conducted by Jobvite in 2015. More than a half of recruiters consider cover letters unnecessary and give higher importance to a resume or the very first email you send through.

As crazy as it sounds, even though cover letters are considered dead, if used effectively they increase your chances of getting called for an interview. The key to this process is thinking about the impact your cover letter will have once recruiters read it. Perfecting your cover letter design and including the most relevant information will catch the recruiters’ attention and create a lasting impression.

Creating your cover letter with Enhancv

One of the greatest pitfalls of people’s cover letters is the disconnect between their resume and their cover letter. That is, people tend to spend a long time deciding on the resume font they use, the resume paper they print it on, the sections to include, but quickly throw together a cover letter without a thought.

Your cover letter should match the same look and feel as your resume. Luckily, you can ensure this is the case using Enhancv’s resume and cover letter builder. Choose from our three cover letter templates that come with the same design choices as your Enhancv resume.

Tip: Key to a successful cover letter is an informative header. Ensure to update your contact information, including your voicemail (yes I know what year it is)!

Enhancv You May Have Heard that ‘’Cover Letters Are Dead’’ cover letter

Cover letters are a test

In his research, Rick Gills explains that cover letters ‘’are a test’’. He states that if a company requires you to send a cover letter together with your resume, you have to do it. Otherwise, they’ll move on to another candidate without have to devote almost any energy to evaluating your application. You didn’t pass the first test and you made yourself easy to reject.

No doubt having to do something unnecessary is annoying. But we need to get over it sometimes. As the well-known saying by Jodi Picoult goes, ‘’Sometimes when you want to get what you want the most, you have to do what you want the least.’’ In other words, do the unnecessary.

How to write a great cover letter

These 6 simple tips will help your cover letter to stand out from others and grab the attention of your employer-to-be.

1. Formatting

Before you start thinking about the opening sentence of your cover letter, think about the format and the layout. Wouldn’t it be great to have a similar layout as the one of your resume?

Enhancv You May Have Heard that ‘’Cover Letters Are Dead’’ cover letter

It is important to keep in mind that a good cover letter shouldn’t be 5 pages long. Great cover letters have a few things in common and one of them is having the relevant information in a brief format. Also be sure to space it up, a technique many influencers and writers use. It relaxes the eye and gets the reader to scan the whole document.

‘’Whitespace isn’t just a tool to give the reader’s eye a break. It’s actually a cue. Designers have used it forever to draw their users’ attention to the most important elements in their design.’’ – Neil Patel

2. Opening of a cover letter

What should be the opening sentence of a good cover letter? Recruiting managers agree on the fact that the usual ‘’To whom it may concern’’ or the old ‘’I saw the job offer on [website] and thought I’m perfect for the job’’ will not do the trick. Such sentences are overused and hint that you haven’t done your research and are not putting any effort into thinking a bit more.

Here are some examples of the opening for a cover letter you should consider next time to catch the hiring manager’s attention from the very beginning:

  1. a) Computer games have always fascinated me. I think I played my very first one in 6th grade when I discovered my love for code and passion for becoming a Programmer. That’s why I believe I’d be great for the [position] at [company].
  2. b) During my [X] years at the [company], I’ve written [amount] of articles and increased the conversion rate of the blog by [percentage]. By now I know I’m only great at two things: writing great content and converting new customers from it. That’s why I decided to apply for the position of a copywriter at your company.


Enhancv You May Have Heard that ‘’Cover Letters Are Dead’’ cover letter

3. The main body

Here, I don’t mean only the regular: I am great at [skill], [skill], [skill] because of [the reason]. Rather research the company properly and outline what you think the top three main problems they should solve are. Then show off your skills by addressing the problem, explaining that you’ve experienced the same problem in your previous role and offer the possible solution to it.

As the Career Specialist J.T. O’Donnel explains, the difference between a cover letter and resume is that ‘’cover letters tell stories, resumes showcase facts.’’ Tell a story with your cover letter and don’t forget to splash bits of your personality into it. Doing this will help you distinguish yourself from others. It’s a top reason for hiring managers to follow up and learn more about you.

Enhancv You May Have Heard that ‘’Cover Letters Are Dead’’ cover letter

You can find more examples of a perfect cover letter content here.

4. The writing style

Good body language can help you win an interview. It’s a good idea to mirror the interviewer – something similar you should take into account when writing your cover letter. Pick up the voice of the company itself, the kind of language they use and then mirror that voice into your cover letter. Personalize your cover letter to the company as much as possible. Mention their departments, the most recent PR stunt they used or a project they were involved in.

Top Tip: You can get a hint of the company’s voice by browsing through their blog, the about page, in their social media posts or responses to their customers.

5. Typos and grammar mistakes

Grammar mistakes, typos or incorrect information are unacceptable in your cover letter as much as they are on your resume.

Tip: You can avoid typographical errors by reading your content backwards, or printing it out and viewing your cover letter on a different medium. Check out our post on resume spelling and proofreading strategies to learn more!

Enhancv You May Have Heard that ‘’Cover Letters Are Dead’’ cover letter

Top Tip: Enhance your cover letter and resume by avoiding these 10 mistakes.

6. Practice until you can’t get it wrong

Even though your cover letter might not be read by the hiring manager, it is capable of making or breaking your chances of being considered for the job.

As our Arts Director says: ‘’everyone can draw beautifully, it just needs a lot of practice!’’. I believe it’s the same with crafting a striking cover letter. You have to practice, never give up and use the advice provided above. Together with a superhuman resume you can craft with Enhancv, you will get the job you deserve!

Create your cover letter and resume with Enhancv and boost your chances of getting hired!

Looking for more inspiration first? Check out our resume examples section that got people hired at their dream jobs.


Note: the original version of this article was published on Feb 10th 2017

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