2020's Guide to Researcher Resume Skills

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What phrases to use in my Researcher resume skills

  • Python
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Microsoft Office
  • Java
  • R
  • PHP

Here’s how to include skills for Researcher resume

How to use Python in your researcher resume:

Initiated African rock python and Veiled chameleon breeding programs

How to use Excel in your researcher resume:

Supporterer konsulenterne med bearbejdning, opsætning og visualisering af data i Excel

How to use SQL in your researcher resume:

Launched 3 main software products and engaged first 10+ beta customers using LARAVEL/PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Html5, and CSS3.

How to use Java in your researcher resume:

Successfully developed and rolled out a Java EE security web application (Password Reset Application with TFA using SMS-based OTPs) tying into a clustered, high-availability DB2 backend

How to use R in your researcher resume:

Collaborated and communicated with different leading forest product institutions and industries including, UBC Pulp and Paper Centre, FPInnovations, Winstone pulp International, Quensel River Pulp, and West Fraser

How to use PHP in your researcher resume:

LCM of all web services and web applications (PHP, Javascript and CMS Lenya on Apache/Tomcat with Oracle and Linux backend)

How to use Matlab in your researcher resume:

Designed and modeled the instrument using engineering softwares programmes ( SolidWorks, Matlab, Mathematica...)

How to feature Researcher resume skills

Other Software or programming languages
PythonBashMatlabSimulink-SimMechanicsMSC Multibody ADAMSMicrosoft OfficeLaTeXPreziMacOS XLinuxWindowsC++
Google AnalyticsGoogle Data StudioExcelGoogle SheetsPowerPointSQL
Knowledge Areas
Machine LearningVisualizationOptimizationOperations ResearchSimulationStatisticsForecasting
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