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Professional Project Manager Cover Letter Example for 2023

Read for inspiration or use it as a base to improve your own Project Manager cover letter. Just replace personal information, company application data and achievements with your own.

Andrea Ibarra
Marketing Manager International Incubator
(558) 333-1333

Dear Henkel recruitment Team,

With keen interest, I discovered on your website that you are searching for a "Marketing Manager International Incubator".

My experience in the online business and my drive to push for excellence make me a great candidate for the position. Hereby I want to point out three main reasons:  

50% business - 50% IT
With a marketing background and experience in eCommerce, my current job is a blend of customer-centric action points and exploring new areas to improve sales. 

Focus on high-end outcome
Henkel, as well as Coca-Cola, delivers a high-class, top of the notch marketing experience. To me a high-quality outcome is mandatory in order to further excite the user and grow the brand.

Experience within an international company 
Working in a matrix organization I break down overall company priorities into projects and single action points. Thereby I sell ideas to stakeholders and translate tasks to supporting agencies.

As I am highly motivated to become a part of the Henkels` incubator team. I appreciate you considering me for the position and am happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the application.

With kind regards,

Andrea Ibarra

Ever had difficulties with listing all your qualities, achievements, and skills on just a one-page resume? The truth is, you don’t really have to do that. Instead, you can leave half of these details for the cover letter.

In fact, the cover letter is the place where you can talk about your personal qualities and share stories about your biggest achievements.

It’s also your chance to show just how excited you are about the company and its mission.

Now let’s move on to our professional cover letter tips and examples that are designed to help every project manager out there. Including you.

Read a real project manager cover letter example

What to write in a Project Manager cover letter

So what’s the difference between a cover letter and a resume?

Simple – the cover letter tells a story and focuses entirely on what makes you the ideal candidate. On the other hand, the resume shows all (or at least most of) your skills and achievements.

It’s your chance to make the right impression. For this reason, some of the things you should include in your project manager cover letter are:

  • Your soft skills and how they’ve helped you succeed in previous roles
  • Some of your achievements related to project management
  • Your ways to manage conflict
  • What you know about the company and how you fit with its culture

If you need a bit more detail, here’s our fully comprehensive guide on what a cover letter should say.

But what are the things that will help your cover letter stand out from the crowd?

Choose the right salutation

We advise you to address your cover letter directly to the person responsible for the recruitment process. This will show that you’ve taken the time to research who they might be, and in some cases – that you’re attentive to detail.

However, picking the right salutation when you don’t know who the hiring manager is might be tough. Here’s what you could use instead of the person’s name:

  • Dear Hiring Manager
  • Dear Human Resources Manager
  • Dear [company name] Recruiter
  • To [the name of the department you’re applying for] Team

Keep in mind that the tone of voice you choose should fit well with the position you’re applying for and the company culture.

Writing in a polite way, however, is your safest bet. So when in doubt – stick to that!

Craft a strong introduction

Coming up with a great introduction for your project manager cover letter is crucial. It’s your chance to get the attention of the hiring manager and give them a solid reason to remember you.

So don’t go for popular opening lines like “I found this job advert on this website and decided to apply”. Instead, prove that you are passionate about the position, the field, and the company.

Make sure that your introduction is clear and that it shows exactly what you can bring to the table. You can also include a brief sentence about your background and previous experience.

Emphasizing your project manager soft skills in your cover letter

Your resume is the place to list all your hard skills and details about your previous roles and responsibilities. The project management cover letter, on the other hand, is your chance to show your soft skills and tell a personal story.

For instance, you can mention how your ability to manage conflict has helped you convince clients that Agile is more suitable for their project than Waterfall. Or you can describe the positives of your strategic planning skills.

Including some of your most valuable hard skills could also be done here, but make sure to link them to actual achievements. For example – how being a proficient Excel user has helped you cut costs or execute projects in less time.

Looking at the specific job requirements could also give you insight into which skills should definitely be mentioned in your cover letter. This will help you pass applicant tracking systems (ATS) that detect certain keywords in applicants’ documents.

No matter what you choose – remember to avoid re-writing your resume. The cover letter should complement it by presenting some additional information.

Pro Tip Still not sure what the difference between a resume and a cover letter is? Here’s an article that will help you out.

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Project manager soft skills

Communication skills can be linked to your ability to manage conflict and work well with both team members and clients. Time-management skills will show recruiters that you are flexible and able to meet tight deadlines while being a quick decision-maker. Leadership skills will show that you can lead diverse teams and ensure timely project delivery

Show that you did your research before applying

Proving that you are familiar with the company and are genuinely excited to become part of its team is without a doubt one of the best ways to make a good impression.

Recruiters want to know if you applied for the position just because it sounded cool or because you’re as passionate about the company as much as they are.

It’s also worth mentioning how your project management skills can help you solve some typical issues in the field. Show that you know what kind of challenges the company is facing and how you can help handle them.

The final call to action

It’s important to use the right words at the end of your cover letter – you don’t want to leave a bad taste in the hiring manager’s mouth. Your safest bet would be to stick with traditional closing lines, such as “Looking forward to hearing from you”.

And remember – cover letters for project management positions should always end with expressing gratitude for the reader’s time and consideration.

Key takeaways

  • Share your excitement for the company, its culture, and its projects
  • Focus on soft skills and achievements
  • Include some of the skills mentioned in the requirements section of the job advert to pass ATS
  • Show that you’ve researched the company and are aware of its problems
  • Match your project management cover letter with a professional resume
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