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In your trial lawyer cover letter, you must demonstrate an unwavering commitment to justice. Highlight your history of successful case outcomes to showcase your expertise. Express a deep understanding of legal strategies and evidence presentation. Your ability to sway a jury with compelling arguments should leap off the page.

Crafting a compelling trial lawyer cover letter can seem daunting as you pore over job applications, realizing a simple resume isn't enough. You're tasked with showcasing not just your qualifications but your proudest legal victory, weaving it into a narrative that captures more than just data. It's a fine balance between formality and originality, steering clear of clichés while remaining succinct. Remember, brevity is key: your professional story must resonate on just one page.

In the next few paragraphs, our trial lawyer cover letter writing guide will show you how to:

  • Personalize your trial lawyer cover letter and get inspired by other professionals to tell a compelling story;
  • Format and design your trial lawyer cover letter to make an excellent first impression;
  • Introduce your best achievement in your trial lawyer cover letter to recruiters;
  • How to make sure recruiters get in touch with you, using your trial lawyer cover letter greeting and closing paragraphs.

What is more, did you know that Enhancv's AI can write your cover letter for you? Just upload your trial lawyer resume and get ready to forward your job application in a flash.

Trial Lawyer cover letter example


Chicago, Illinois


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in contributing my extensive legal expertise to your esteemed legal team, inspired by your commitment to justice and community service evident in your organization's initiatives.

As a Senior Criminal Prosecutor at the Cook County State’s Attorney Office, I spearheaded a partnership with local law enforcement that revolutionized case quality and collaboration effectiveness. Most notably, I negotiated plea deals resulting in a 40% reduction of court time, which created a sizeable financial impact, conserving over $500,000 in public resources. This achievement showcases my proficiency in case management, client advocacy, and resource optimization, all of which are skills that I understand are crucial for the role in your organization.

I am eager to bring my background in transformative legal practices and hands-on courtroom experience to your team. I am confident that my proven record in achieving high conviction rates and enhancing case workflow will contribute positively to your legal objectives and case outcomes. Please consider this letter as my formal application, and I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss in further detail how my skills and experiences align with the goals of your office during an interview.

Sincerely, ALEXANDER TAYLOR, Seasoned Criminal Trial Lawyer | Legal Training Expert
What makes this cover letter good:

  • Highlighting relevant accomplishments: The cover letter emphasizes the applicant's achievements, such as spearheading a partnership with local law enforcement and reducing court time by 40%, which demonstrates effectiveness and expertise within the criminal justice system.
  • Demonstrating financial impact: Mentioning the conservation of over $500,000 in public resources illustrates the applicant's ability to create significant cost savings and manage resources efficiently, which is beneficial for any organization.
  • Relevancy to the organization's values: The candidate aligns their interest in justice and community service with the organization's initiatives, which helps to establish a strong fit with the organizational culture and mission.
  • Expressing eagerness to contribute: The applicant articulates a strong desire to bring transformative legal practices and courtroom experience to the team, showcasing readiness to engage proactively with the organization's work and legal objectives.

The must-have sections and format of your trial lawyer cover letter

When writing your trial lawyer cover letter, keep in mind that it'll only be read by the recruiters and not the Applicant Tracker System (or software used to assess your profile). That's why you should structure your content with a/an:

  • Header (apart from your contact information, include your name, the role you're applying for, and the date);
  • Personalized salutation;
  • Opening paragraph to win the recruiters over;
  • Middle paragraph with key details;
  • Closing that starts from clichés;
  • Sign off (that's not mandatory).

Industry standards dictate your paragraphs to be single-spaced and to wrap your content in a one-inch margin. Designing your trial lawyer cover letter, refer to one of our templates, which automatically takes care of the spacing and margins.

Choose the same font for your trial lawyer cover letter as you did for your resume: the likes of Lato and Bitter would help you to stand out in a sea of cover letters in Arial or Times New Roman.

Export your whole trial lawyer cover letter from our builder in PDF to keep the same formatting and image quality.

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The top sections on a trial lawyer cover letter

  • Header with Contact Information: Include your name, address, phone number, email, and LinkedIn profile to ensure the recruiter can easily reach you and see your professional background, which is vital for establishing your identity as a trial lawyer.
  • Opening Greeting: Address the recruiter or hiring partner by name if possible, showing that you've done your research and are personally invested in the application to their law firm.
  • Introduction and Objective Statement: Briefly articulate why you are interested in the trial lawyer position and what you aim to bring to the role, which helps you make a strong first impression and aligns your goals with the firm's needs.
  • Experience and Case Highlights: Detail specific cases you've worked on, roles you've played in the courtroom, and the skills you've honed that are directly related to being a trial lawyer, showcasing your relevant experience and successes.
  • Closing and Call to Action: Affirm your enthusiasm for the opportunity, reiterate how your skills and experiences make you an ideal candidate for a trial lawyer, and indicate your interest in further discussing how you can contribute to the firm, prompting a response or an interview invitation.
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Key qualities recruiters search for in a candidate’s cover letter

  • Proven experience in litigation: Recruiters look for candidates who have demonstrable experience in managing and litigating cases, as this indicates the applicant's ability to handle the pressures and requirements of trial work.
  • Persuasive oral advocacy skills: The ability to persuasively argue in court is crucial for trial lawyers, so recruiters often seek evidence of strong public speaking and oral argumentation abilities.
  • Exceptional legal research and writing abilities: Recruiters prioritize candidates who can effectively research legal precedents and compose clear, compelling legal briefs and motions.
  • A track record of favorable outcomes: Success rates in previous cases, whether through trial verdicts or settlements, show the candidate's effectiveness as a trial attorney and ability to secure positive results for clients.
  • Strong interpersonal skills: As trial lawyers often work closely with clients, witnesses, and opposing counsel, the ability to communicate effectively and manage relationships is highly valued.
  • Tenacity and resilience: A trial lawyer must be determined and capable of working long hours under stressful conditions, so evidence of endurance and commitment to seeing cases through to the end is a key trait recruiters seek.

Kick off your trial lawyer cover letter: the salutation or greeting

When writing your trial lawyer cover letter, remember that you're not writing for some complex AI or robot, but for actual human beings.

And recruiters, while on the lookout to understand your experience, would enjoy seeing a cover letter that is tailored to the role and addresses them. Personally.

So, if you haven't done so, invest some time in finding out who's the hiring manager for the role you're applying to. A good place to start would be LinkedIn and the corporate website.

Alternatively, you could also get in touch with the company to find out more information about the role and the name of the recruiter.

If you haven't met the hiring manager, yet, your trial lawyer cover letter salutation should be on a last-name basis (e.g. "Dear Mr. Donaldson" or "Dear Ms. Estephan").

A good old, "Dear HR Professional" (or something along those lines) could work as your last resort if you're struggling to find out the recruiter's name.

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List of salutations you can use

  • Dear Hiring Manager,
  • Dear [Firm Name] Team,
  • Dear [Name of Lead Attorney or Partner],
  • Dear Mr./Ms. [Last Name],
  • Dear Members of the [Department Name] Department,
  • Esteemed Selection Committee,

Get creative with your trial lawyer cover letter introduction

Recruiters are going to assess plenty of candidate profiles for the role. Thus, anything you do to stand out will win you brownie points.

Use your trial lawyer cover letter introduction to share something memorable about your experience.

But before you go down the rabbit hole of creativity and humor, align your message with the company culture.

For example, if you are applying for a role in some startup, use those first two sentences to tell a funny story (about your experience) to quickly connect with the recruiter.

Intro Paragraph
With a proven track record of successful litigation outcomes and a deep reverence for the progressive advocacy encapsulated in your firm's landmark cases, I am poised to contribute meaningfully to your dynamic legal team.

What to write in the middle or body of your trial lawyer cover letter

Here's where it gets tricky.

Your trial lawyer cover letter body should present you in the best light possible and, at the same time, differ from your resume.

Don't be stuck in making up new things or copy-pasting from your resume. Instead, select just one achievement from your experience.

Use it to succinctly tell a story of the job-crucial skills and knowledge this taught you.

Your trial lawyer cover letter is the magic card you need to further show how any organization or team would benefit from working with you.

Body Paragraph
In a landmark case, I strategized a defense for a high-profile client facing multifaceted fraud charges, synthesizing over 10,000 pages of evidence to construct a compelling narrative. This culminated in not only an acquittal but also set a precedent in case law, showcasing my analytical acumen and storytelling prowess, core capabilities for effective trial advocacy.

Final words: writing your trial lawyer cover letter closing paragraph

The final paragraph of your trial lawyer cover letter allows you that one final chance to make a great first impression.

Instead of going straight to the "sincerely yours" ending, you can back up your skills with a promise of:

  • how you see yourself growing into the role;
  • the unique skills you'd bring to the organization.

Whatever you choose, always be specific (and remember to uphold your promise, once you land the role).

If this option doesn't seem that appealing to you, close off your trial lawyer cover letter with a follow-up request.

You could even provide your availability for interviews so that the recruiters would be able to easily arrange your first meeting.

Closing Paragraph
I am eager to bring my courtroom experience to your esteemed firm. Please contact me to schedule an interview at your earliest convenience.

What to write on your trial lawyer cover letter, when you have zero experience

The best advice for candidates, writing their trial lawyer cover letters with no experience, is this - be honest.

If you have no past professional roles in your portfolio, focus recruiters' attention on your strengths - like your unique, transferrable skill set (gained as a result of your whole life), backed up by one key achievement.

Or, maybe you dream big and have huge motivation to join the company. Use your trial lawyer cover letter to describe your career ambition - that one that keeps you up at night, dreaming about your future.

Finally, always ensure you've answered why employers should hire precisely you and how your skills would benefit their organization.

Key takeaways

Your trial lawyer cover letter is your best shot at standing out by showing your motivation and the unique skills you'd bring to the job:

  • Chose no more than one achievement, which you'd be talking about in the body of your trial lawyer cover letter, by focusing on skills and outcomes;
  • Address recruiters with their first or last name, or "Dear Hiring Manager" in your trial lawyer cover letter greeting;
  • Introduce in no more than two sentences what makes your profile unique (perhaps it's your motivation, enthusiasm, or appreciation of the company you're applying for);
  • Select the same font you have used in your resume (avoid Times New Roman and Arial, as most candidates tend to invest in them);
  • Close your trial lawyer cover letter with a promise of how you see yourself growing in the company and the benefits you'd bring about.
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