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Our free and fast AI resume checker will give you the answer in just 3 minutes!

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Make sure your resume stands out for the right reasons!

Eliminate embarrassing mistakes and typos
Sell yourself effectively by strengthening your content
Improve your design and create a visually appealing resume

Resume Checker is a free and fast algorithm that generates a tailored resume review report in under 3 minutes.

Upload your resume and you’ll get a personalized email with an actionable tasklist. Here’s the run-down of how it works.
AI Resume Check
Resume checker will rewrite your bullet points using OpenAI's ChatGPT to expand them, quantify your impact, and avoid buzzwords/weak wording. Our AI resume review will also suggest and write new sections for you, such as summary and frequently used skills for your job.
Full ATS compatibility check
We’ll parse your resume and look for signs of ATS compatibility, such as the presence of skills and other keywords, your contact data, file type, and length. Then, we’ll give you suggestions on how to improve your resume.
Eliminate visual mistakes
Is your resume too crowded or visually unappealing? Resume Checker looks for design flaws and recommends a better template based on your job title.
Remove inconsistencies
Designed to look for the finer details of your resume, Resume Checker will identify misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors so you won’t leave your application to chance.
Repetition of phrases and cliches
Noticed a blatant word repetition in your resume only a couple of minutes after you sent the email? Resume Checker is designed to look after and highlight the repetitive verbs, phrases and cliches we programmatically reach for when we’re lost for words.
Filler, weak or vague wording
Words like “many”, “much”, “little”, “a lot of” and their synonyms undermine the quality of your resume as they don’t provide the full picture of your impact. Resume Checker takes a stab at the not-performance-oriented experience and reminds you to include an actionable result, preferably with a number or metric achieved.я
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Improve your resume with Enhancv’s full resume grader toolset

Content Analyzer

With the content analyzer you’ll eliminate embarrassing spelling mistakes and get hands-on tips on how to improve your content. For example, if you’ve forgotten to add quantifiable achievements, the content analyzer steps in and underlines the problematic section. Its algorithm is based on studying thousands of resumes and will make sure to put you in the best light possible.

Referral Link

Sending your resume to someone with a fresh pair of eyes can be an influential move towards getting that job. Piece of advice: use the referral link to your resume and send it to someone who’s previously been employed in that same company, or better yet, in the same department or position you’re applying to. Find company’s ex-employees on LinkedIn or join Facebook Groups (if they are open). You can only win from sending them a private message and ask for their opinion on your resume.

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How to review your resume for errors

What can a resume check help me with

It’s easier to get lost on the details of the separate sections, ignoring how they all come together in the final resume form. A complete resume review will help you focus on the full picture.

You’ll start to notice you’re either missing out on your skills section positioning, or that it doesn’t align with your achievements. That’s why you need to take enough time for proofreading and quality checks.

What should I focus on when checking my resume?

We’ve read 1000s of resumes from our users and got the opinion of recruiters on which are the top mistakes people make when building their CVs.

Here’s a list of the most commonly occuring mistakes on resumes:

  • Avoid cliches and buzzwords
  • Don’t lie on your resume
  • Edit typos and grammatical errors
  • List achievements, not responsibilities
  • Include related experience only
  • Create multiple tailored resumes
  • Embed your personality
  • Keep a clean and organized formatting throughout
  • Include both your paid and unpaid experience (especially for entry-level positions)

Create a resume checklist

Set up a checklist with every bit of information you want your resume to convey at the end. These may include:

  • Job achievements of high importance
  • Culture fit through personality and relevant hobbies
  • Extracurricular activities, relevant websites or projects

Once you have the rough content of your resume, compare it with the checklist so that you don’t forget anything of importance.

Another point of reference should be the job description. All competencies, experience and skills needed to do the job well are outlined there, so make sure what accomplishments you highlight match the job offer.

To sum up, your resume must answer the following questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What’s your experience?
  3. What’s your motivation for joining this company?
  4. How will you contribute to the company?

Read your resume later

First off, make sure you don’t complete your application with only 30 minutes to spare before the deadline. For this tactic to work, you should start well in advance.

Take time to sleep on your resume, and come back to it a couple of days later, or better yet, when you have already forgotten what you wrote.

It will feel like you’re an external reviewer and will spot mistakes which otherwise you’ll have omitted.

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