How Enhancv Career Counseling helped
Brad pivot his career

How Enhancv Career Counseling helped Brad pivot his career

“I thought I was not qualified to compete with all the skilled candidates out there, but Enhancv made me understand how game-changing my previous experiences can be.”

Managed Services Consultant at Sprinklr

I worked in IT for 13 years, and despite having a successful career, I was not fully satisfied with my job. A few years ago I decided to have a career change and started my own business as a coach myself. However, even though coaching was very fulfilling, my business was not thriving. I did not have enough clients and I could not reach the level of financial success needed.

Initially, Enhancv reached out to me for a potential partnership. I liked the Enhancv platform a lot because of its great set of features and very smooth interactions. When I learned about the career counseling services on top of the platform, I decided to set the partnership aside and use the service for myself.

I got help with my decision to pivot my career

The hardest part of moving on from coaching was letting go of my ego. At the beginning it felt like a drag through the mud because of the time and effort I had invested into my business. However, working with Enhancv made me realize that stepping back from coaching is not a sign of defeat, but a step forward in my career.

Sometimes the confidence boost makes all the difference

I have done a lot in my career, but similar to many others, I used to think my experience is not good enough for a competitive job. The professional career counselor helped me gain confidence in my skills and experiences by confirming my accomplishments and capabilities were relevant. I believe this external confirmation improved the way I represented myself in my job search and made a big difference in the results.

Remember that a job application is not just words on paper, it's crafting your career and everything you have done as a story with compelling data.

How my personal career counselor Paul helped me

Paul is a very skillful counselor. His writing is great, and his general nature of support and sharing is extremely pleasant. He is very knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t in a competitive job hunt. Most importantly, he’s excellent at finding the quantitative and measurable achievements out of a descriptive job experience.

I needed things to move very quickly and Paul kept up with my speed very well. As a result, I landed a job as a Managed Services Consultant which is a great outcome for our work together.

Trust the process of allowing someone else who offers this expertise to help you. They know what they are doing. The cost of career counseling may seem a lot, but you are not just spending $500, you are aiming to get a $80-100K job. So look at it as an investment.

Don’t take only our word for it.
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