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Your chief of staff CV must showcase your ability to lead and manage complex organizational structures. Highlight your exceptional coordination and communication skills as they are pivotal for the role. Demonstrate in your CV the successful outcomes from initiatives you've spearheaded. Detail how your strategic planning has positively impacted previous organizations.

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Crafting a CV that succinctly conveys your unique combination of strategic oversight and hands-on operational leadership is a common challenge for a chief of staff. Our guide provides targeted advice on structuring your achievements and experience to showcase your executive-level capabilities effectively.

Learn how to create your next chief of staff CV by:

  • Applying the simplest CV design, so that recruiters can easily understand your expertise, skills, and professional background;
  • Ensuring you stand out with your header, summary or objective statement, and a designated skills section;
  • Creating your CV experience section - no matter how much expertise you have;
  • Using real life professional CV examples to enhance the structure and outline of your profile.

If you still have no muse to write your professional CV, find some more industry-leading examples.

How complex should the format of your chief of staff CV be?

Perhaps, you decided to use a fancy font and plenty of colours to ensure your chief of staff CV stands out amongst the pile of other candidate profiles. Alas - this may confuse recruiters. By keeping your format simple and organising your information coherently, you'll ultimately make a better impression. What matters most is your experience, while your CV format should act as complementary thing by:

  • Presenting the information in a reverse chronological order with the most recent of your jobs first. This is done so that your career history stays organised and is aligned to the role;
  • Making it easy for recruiters to get in touch with you by including your contact details in the CV header. Regarding the design of your CV header, include plenty of white space and icons to draw attention to your information. If you're applying for roles in the UK, don't include a photo, as this is considered a bad practice;
  • Organising your most important CV sections with consistent colours, plenty of white space, and appropriate margins (2.54 cm). Remember that your CV design should always aim at legibility and to spotlight your key information;
  • Writing no more than two pages of your relevant experience. For candidates who are just starting out in the field, we recommend to have an one-page CV.

One more thing about your CV format - you may be worried if your double column CV is Applicant Tracker System (ATS) complaint. In our recent study, we discovered that both single and double-column CVs are ATS-friendly . Most ATSes out there can also read all serif and sans serif fonts. We suggest you go with modern, yet simple, fonts (e.g. Rubik, Lato, Raleway) instead of the classic Times New Roman. You'll want your application to stand out, and many candidates still go for the classics. Finally, you'll have to export your CV. If you're wondering if you should select Doc or PDF, we always advise going with PDF. Your CV in PDF will stay intact and opens easily on every OS, including Mac OS.

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For certain fields, consider including infographics or visual elements to represent skills or achievements, but ensure they are simple, professional, and enhance rather than clutter the information.

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The top sections on a chief of staff CV

  • Professional Summary showcases leadership qualities and the capacity to support high-level executives, essential for the chief of staff role.
  • Key Skills section highlights strategic planning, project management, and communication skills vital for a chief of staff.
  • Professional Experience details a history of roles with increasing responsibility, reflecting the ability to manage complex operational tasks.
  • Education and Professional Development showcases relevant degrees and training, demonstrating the foundation needed for the chief of staff position.
  • Achievements and Milestones presents specific accomplishments, illustrating the candidate's impact in previous roles.
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What recruiters value on your CV:
  • Highlight cross-functional leadership by demonstrating previous experience in uniting different departments towards a common goal, as a chief of staff often acts as a linchpin in executive decision-making.
  • Emphasise strategic planning skills by outlining how you've successfully developed and implemented company strategies, showing your ability to complement and realise the CEO’s vision.
  • Detail your communication prowess, focusing on instances where you have actively facilitated clear and effective communication channels between senior leadership and the wider organisation.
  • Showcase your problem-solving abilities by providing examples of complex business challenges you've tackled, underscoring the analytic and adaptable nature required for a chief of staff.
  • Include instances of discretion and confidentiality, to reflect the trust placed in a chief of staff with sensitive company information and the professional integrity required to handle it.

Making a good first impression with your chief of staff CV header

Your typical CV header consists of Your typical CV header consists of contact details and a headline. Make sure to list your professional phone number, email address, and a link to your professional portfolio (or, alternatively, your LinkedIn profile). When writing your CV headline , ensure it's:

  • tailored to the job you're applying for;
  • highlights your unique value as a professional;
  • concise, yet matches relevant job ad keywords.

You can, for examples, list your current job title or a particular skill as part of your headline. Now, if you decide on including your photo in your CV header, ensure it's a professional one, rather than one from your graduation or night out. You may happen to have plenty more questions on how to make best the use of your CV headline. We'll help you with some real-world examples, below.

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Examples of good CV headlines for chief of staff:

  1. Chief of Staff | Strategic Planning Maestro | Lean Six Sigma Certified | 7 Years of Growth Leadership
  2. Senior Chief of Staff | Policy Development Expert | MBA | Advancing Corporate Objectives | 15+ Years Experience
  3. Executive Chief of Staff | Organisational Change Agent | Masters in Public Administration | 10 Years in Leadership
  4. Dynamic Chief of Staff | Stakeholder Engagement Specialist | Project Management Pro | 5+ Years at C-Level
  5. Versatile Chief of Staff | Corporate Governance | HR Management | Efficiency Driver | 12 Years Professional Journey
  6. Visionary Chief of Staff | Military Background | Crisis Management Authority | PMP Certified | 20 Years in Command

Your chief of staff CV introduction: selecting between a summary and an objective

chief of staff candidates often wonder how to start writing their resumes. More specifically, how exactly can they use their opening statements to build a connection with recruiters, showcase their relevant skills, and spotlight job alignment. A tricky situation, we know. When crafting you chief of staff CV select between:

Find out more examples and ultimately, decide which type of opening statement will fit your profile in the next section of our guide:

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CV summaries for a chief of staff job:

  • Seasoned Chief of Staff with over 10 years of experience driving strategic leadership in the heart of London's financial sector. Masterfully blending financial acumen, operational management, and stakeholder relations, I spearheaded a turnaround strategy increasing revenue by 30% at a major investment firm.
  • Dedicated Chief of Staff with a proven 7-year track record in the tech industry, noted for leading cross-functional teams in the development and launch of groundbreaking software, culminating in the takeover of a Silicon Valley start-up by a Fortune 500 company.
  • Former non-profit organisation director making a transition into the corporate sector as a Chief of Staff, armed with a 12-year tenure steering high-impact initiatives and complex budget management, eager to leverage strong leadership and analytical skills to deliver effective organisational strategies.
  • Accomplished military officer now pursuing a civilian role as Chief of Staff, bringing a unique blend of strategic planning, disciplined execution, and leadership developed over 15 years of service. Transformed logistics operations for a battalion, resulting in a 20% increase in operational efficiency.
  • Aspiring to transition from a specialised role in academia to the multifaceted responsibilities of a Chief of Staff, offering exceptional research proficiency, organisational prowess, and a dedication to fostering collaborative environments that align with the strategic goals of innovative sectors.
  • Driven by a passion for organisational leadership, I am eager to embark on a career as a Chief of Staff. I bring a fresh perspective, a relentless work ethic, and a commitment to mastering the complexities of corporate governance to enact tangible improvements in strategic operations.

The best formula for your chief of staff CV experience section

The CV experience section is the space where many candidates go wrong by merely listing their work history and duties. Don't do that. Instead, use the job description to better understand what matters most for the role and integrate these keywords across your CV. Thus, you should focus on:

  • showcasing your accomplishments to hint that you're results-oriented;
  • highlighting your skill set by integrating job keywords, technologies, and transferrable skills in your experience bullets;
  • listing your roles in reverse chronological order, starting with the latest and most senior, to hint at how you have grown your career;
  • featuring metrics, in the form of percentage, numbers, etc. to make your success more tangible.

When writing each experience bullet, start with a strong, actionable verb, then follow it up with a skill, accomplishment, or metric. Use these professional examples to perfect your CV experience section:

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Best practices for your CV's work experience section
  • Managed complex calendar arrangements, ensuring the Chief Executive's schedule was optimised for strategic priorities, demonstrating exceptional organisation and foresight.
  • Facilitated cross-departmental communication to assist executive decision-making, acting as a pivotal liaison to streamline organisational workflows and collaborating effectively with diverse teams.
  • Developed comprehensive briefing materials for executive meetings and presentations, enabling informed discussions with detailed research and data analysis.
  • Coordinated high-level projects from inception to completion, applying strong project management skills to keep initiatives aligned with organisational goals and delivered on time.
  • Monitored and reported on progress of strategic initiatives, utilising analytical skills to provide actionable insights and drive continuous improvement.
  • Managed and resolved sensitive or critical issues with discretion, ensuring confidentiality was maintained and stakeholder relationships were preserved.
  • Played a key role in the planning and execution of corporate events and retreats, enhancing team cohesion and reinforcing organisational culture.
  • Engaged with stakeholders to gather requirements and feedback, fostering a collaborative environment that supported effective policy and strategy development.
  • Implemented process improvements to enhance efficiency within the executive office, demonstrating initiative and a proactive approach to problem-solving.
Work Experience
Chief of Staff
  • Overhauled internal communication processes, resulting in a 40% increase in cross-departmental project efficiency at a leading global consultancy firm.
  • Managed a fiscal budget of over £5 million, successfully reducing operational costs by 15% while maintaining performance standards.
  • Crafted and executed strategic plans that contributed to a 25% enhancement in company-wide employee satisfaction.
Work Experience
Executive Chief of Staff
  • Spearheaded the integration of cutting-edge project management software, increasing the tracking efficiency of deliverables by 35%.
  • Championed diversity initiatives that improved minority recruitment by 20% in executive positions at a multinational corporation.
  • Facilitated the expansion into three new international markets, directly managing the transition teams and strategy formulation.
Work Experience
Senior Chief of Staff
  • Launched a company-wide innovation program that led to the development and implementation of two patented technologies.
  • Led a task force that negotiated and secured a £10 million government contract for urban development projects.
  • Strategically realigned the company's marketing vision, resulting in a 50% growth in online customer engagement.
Work Experience
Principal Chief of Staff
  • Directed the revamping of the company's core product line, achieving a 20% increase in market share against top competitors.
  • Implemented a leadership training program that cultivated four mid-level managers into executive roles within two years.
  • Optimized team workflows which led to a reduction in project completion times from six to four months on average.
Work Experience
Director and Chief of Staff
Ernst & Young
  • Pioneered the development of a CSR initiative that redirected 10% of profits to sustainable practices in the local community.
  • Advised the CEO on strategic partnerships and led due diligence efforts that culminated in a £50 million merger.
  • Orchestrated the annual leadership summit that brought together industry experts, resulting in 5% yearly revenue growth from networking opportunities.
Work Experience
Chief of Staff to CEO
McKinsey & Company
  • Oversaw the digital transformation project that included migrating legacy systems to a cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Initiated a talent retention program that reduced staff turnover by 18% within a year during a highly competitive phase.
  • Negotiated with vendors to decrease supply chain costs by 22%, thus increasing the company's profit margins and operational efficiency.
Work Experience
Head Chief of Staff
Boston Consulting Group
  • Revitalized the corporate governance framework, enhancing compliance with industry regulations and standards.
  • Authored an internal leadership development curriculum that has been adopted company-wide and boosted leadership readiness by 30%.
  • Led the strategic planning committee in a company rebranding initiative that revitalized the brand image and customer perception.
Work Experience
Coordinator and Chief of Staff
Bain & Company
  • Played a pivotal role in tripling the company’s research capabilities through the establishment of two additional innovation labs.
  • Implemented a data-driven decision-making process that improved project selection success rates by 45%
  • Catalyzed a company-wide digital literacy program that equipped 1,500 employees with essential digital skills in line with current technological trends.

Lacking professional expertise: how to write your CV to highlight your best talents

Don't count on your lucky stars when you're applying for a role, where you happen to have less (or almost none) professional experience. Recruiters sometimes do hire inexperienced candidates if they're able to present their unique value from the get-go. So, instead of opting for the traditional, CV experience section:

  • List any applicable expertise you happen to have - no matter if it's a part-time job, internship, or volunteer work. This would hint to recruiters that your profile is relevant;
  • Focus your CV on your transferrable skills or talents you've obtained thanks to your whole life and work experience. In effect, you'll be spotlighting your value as a candidate;
  • Separate more space for your applicable academic background and certificates to show you have the technical know-how;
  • Ensure that within your objective, you've defined why you'll like the job and how you'll be the perfect match for it. Always ensure you've tailored your CV to individual applications.

Looking for more good examples for your first job? We'll show you how other candidates, with less professional experience, have created their job-winning CVs.

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Talk about any positive changes you helped bring about in your previous jobs, like improving a process or helping increase efficiency.

Mix and match hard and soft skills across your chief of staff CV

Your skill set play an equally valid role as your experience to your application. That is because recruiters are looking for both:

Are you wondering how you should include both hard and soft skills across your chief of staff CV? Use the:

  • skills section to list between ten and twelve technologies that are part of the job requirement (and that you're capable to use);
  • strengths and achievements section to detail how you've used particular hard and soft skills that led to great results for you at work;
  • summary or objective to spotlight up to three skills that are crucial for the role and how they've helped you optimise your work processes.

One final note - when writing about the skills you have, make sure to match them exactly as they are written in the job ad. Take this precautionary measure to ensure your CV passes the Applicant Tracker System (ATS) assessment.

Top skills for your chief of staff CV:

Strategic Planning

Project Management

Policy Development

Financial Acumen

Analytical Thinking

Performance Measurement

Stakeholder Management

Process Improvement

Change Management

Legislative Knowledge




Interpersonal Skills




Time Management

Decision Making

Conflict Resolution


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Order your skills based on the relevance to the role you're applying for, ensuring the most pertinent skills catch the employer's attention first.

CV education and certificates: your academic background as proof of your skill set

A common misconception about your chief of staff CV education is that you only need it, if you have less professional experience. That is completely false. The CV education section serves to back up your technical (and sometimes personal) capabilities, fill in gaps in your work history, and show you have the initial industry background and know-how. When creating your education section:

  • List your degrees in the reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent (and relevant) ones first;
  • Include your degree and university names, start and graduation dates. It's optional to also denote you received a "First-Class Honours" for diplomas that are more relevant to the role;
  • Curate your relevant university coursework, projects, or thesis work if you happen to have less professional expertise and need to integrate more job keywords and skills.

Your professional qualifications don't need to stop at your academic background. It's advisable to also select up to three of your most noteworthy (and relevant) industry certificates and feature them in a dedicated section. Once more, include the certificate name, the institution that issued it out, and the date you obtained it on. You could feature both hard skills and soft skills certificates, as in the examples below:

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If there's a noticeable gap in your skillset for the role you're applying for, mention any steps you're taking to acquire these skills, such as online courses or self-study.

Key takeaways

Impressing recruiters with your experience, skill set, and values starts with your professional chief of staff CV. Write concisely and always aim to answer job requirements with what you've achieved; furthermore:

  • Select a simple design that complements your experience and ensures your profile is presentable;
  • Include an opening statement that either spotlights your key achievements (summary) or showcases your career ambitions (objective);
  • Curate your experience bullets, so that each one commences with a strong, action verb and is followed up by your skill and accomplishment;
  • List your hard and soft skills all across different sections of your CV to ensure your application meets the requirements;
  • Dedicate space to your relevant higher education diplomas and your certificates to show recruiters you have the necessary industry background.

Looking to build your own Chief of Staff CV?

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Frequently asked questions about Chief Of Staff CVs:

Q: How can I make my CV stand out?

A: Use specific examples of how you've contributed to an organization's achievements. Use bullet points, clear and concise language, and ensure your formatting is clean and well-organized.

Q: What is the most important factor to keep in mind when creating a Chief Of Staff CV?

A: You must always tailor your CV to the specific position and company you're applying for, ensuring that your skills and achievements are relevant to the job description.

Q: Are there any keywords I should include in my Chief Of Staff CV?

A: Yes, the most relevant keywords are. These are always skills that align with the job description. Add quantifiable data when possible. For example, when discussing successful project management, use terms like "budget" and "timeline."