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When it comes to finding a Bar Manager job in 2024, the competition may be tough. However, this article aims to provide you with guidance and inspiration for writing your Bar Manager CV. Not only will you find three examples of effective Bar Manager CVs, but also invaluable tips on what to include and how to stand out!

Bar Manager CVs based on experience level

Career Change Bar Manager CV example

Entry Level Bar Manager CV example

Additional Bar Manager CV tips and tricks

Top sections for a Bar Manager CV

  • Contact details
  • Personal statement/summary
  • Relevant skills/experience
  • Education/Certifications
  • Work experience
  • Professional certifications
  • Volunteer experience
  • Linguistic abilities
  • Interpersonal/communication skills
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Top bullet points for your Bar Manager CV

You can make your work experience stand out by quantifying your achievements. Potential recruiters want to know what you can bring to the table that sets you apart from other bar managers. Always ensure your CV is concise and highlights your strengths with specifics.

  • Successfully trained and managed a team of 10+
  • Increased bar revenue by 30% resulting in over £100,000 in profit
  • Consistently maintained high cleanliness and safety standards
  • Implemented a new cocktail menu resulting in a 25% increase in sales
  • Excellent customer service skills with a 99% satisfaction rate
  • Budget management resulting in a 15% reduction in costs
  • Proficient in using POS systems, email management, and inventory tracking software
  • Organised and facilitated successful events, including corporate engagements and weddings
  • Liaised with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of goods and services
  • Created visually appealing and innovative marketing campaigns
  • Training new hires resulting in successful onboarding and retention of staff
  • Analytical skills to track and monitor inventory levels and reorder supplies as necessary
  • Flexibility to work under-pressure and in a fast-paced environment
  • Highly adaptable to changing environments and demands
  • Efficient time-management and multitasking abilities
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In your work experience section, list duties in bullet points and always put the most important tasks first. Focus on quantifying your achievements instead of simply listing them.

Bar Manager skills for your CV

Bar Manager roles require both soft and hard skills. It's essential to highlight these skills effectively on your CV, as good communication, organisation, and customer service skills are essential alongside knowledge of bar management software and inventory management.

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Top hard skills or technologies on your CV for a Bar Manager job

  • Budget management
  • POS software
  • Inventory tracking software
  • Staff training
  • Supply and stock management
  • Marketing and customer retention
  • Sales and up-selling techniques
  • Spectrophotometer usage
  • Menu design
  • Cost and profit analysis
Customer Service Skills
Achieved a satisfaction rate of 99% through efficient communication and problem-solving
Leadership and people management
Successfully trained and managed a team of 10+ bartenders, resulting in improved overall performance of the bar
Time-management skills
Efficiently managed inventory and personnel scheduling, resulting in a 15% cost reduction for the bar
Bar management software
Inventory tracking software
Marketing software
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Top soft skills on your CV for a Bar Manager job

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Time-management skills
  • Leadership and people management
  • Positive attitude
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Interpersonal and relationship-building skills
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When applying for a Bar Manager position, make sure you tailor your CV to the specific job requirements mentioned in the job ad. Prioritise the most relevant skills for the role you are applying for.

Bar Manager CV summary examples and tips

Your Bar Manager CV summary should be clear yet also compelling to the employer. Always ensure it highlights your strengths, relevant experience, and achievements.

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Top summaries for your Bar Manager CV

  • "Bar manager with over 5 years of leadership experience and a 30% increase in bar revenue over the previous year"
  • "Self-motivated Bar Manager with outstanding customer service skills achieving 99% customer satisfaction ratings and increasing repeat business"
  • "Efficient bar manager with excellent organisational abilities, able to manage a team of 10+, and decreased the cost of supplies by 15%"
  • "Experienced bar manager with a flair for developing cocktails and innovative drink programs, creating menus, organising events, and managing budgets to successful completion"
  • "Resourceful bar manager with extensive experience developing and implementing effective marketing campaigns, improving social media presence, and increasing profits by up to 25%"
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Always ensure your summary highlights your strengths, relevant experience, and achievements. Make your summary specific and concise. It should catch the employer's attention yet also be easy to understand.

Specific tips how to make your Bar Manager CV stand out

  • Show the results of your achievements with numbers and statistics
  • Use keywords and industry-specific terminology
  • Include a professional summary or personal statement at the beginning of your CV
  • Use bullet points to highlight key professional experiences and career successes
  • Personalise your CV to the specific job requirements listed in the job ad

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Frequently asked questions about Bar Manager CVs:

Q: What order should my work experiences be listed on my Bar Manager CV?

A: Always begin with the most recent work experience first, progressing backwards.

Q: Should I include a photograph on my Bar Manager CV?

A: It is not necessary to include a photograph with your CV, your qualifications, work experience and skills are much more important.

Q: What are the most valuable skills for a Bar Manager role?

A: The most valuable skills for a Bar Manager role are good communication and people management skills, knowledge of bar management software and inventory management, cost analysis and budget management, customer service, and marketing skills to attract repeat business.
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