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Your sales development representative CV must clearly showcase your communication skills. Articulate your experience in engaging with potential clients via phone, email, or other channels. It is crucial to highlight your track record of achieving sales targets. Demonstrate this with specific examples of your ability to identify, qualify, and nurture leads effectively.

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One common CV challenge that you might face as a sales development representative is effectively showcasing your ability to nurture leads and convert them into opportunities. Our guide offers tailored tips and proven strategies to highlight your sales skills, ensuring your CV stands out to potential employers in your field.

Learn how to create your next sales development representative CV by:

  • Applying the simplest CV design, so that recruiters can easily understand your expertise, skills, and professional background;
  • Ensuring you stand out with your header, summary or objective statement, and a designated skills section;
  • Creating your CV experience section - no matter how much expertise you have;
  • Using real life professional CV examples to enhance the structure and outline of your profile.

If you still have no muse to write your professional CV, find some more industry-leading examples.

Formatting your sales development representative CV to meet the role expectations

Staring at the blank page for hours on end, you still have no idea how you should start your professional sales development representative CV. Should you include more colours, two columns, and which sections? What you should remember about your CV format is this - ensure it's minimalistic and doesn't go over the top with fancy fonts and many colours. Instead, focus on writing consistent content that actually answers the job requirements. But, how about the design itself :

  • Use the reverse chronological order to showcase your experience, starting with your most recent role;
  • Include your contact details (email address, phone number, and location) - and potentially your professional photo - in the header;
  • Must-have CV sections include summary or objective, experience, education, and skills: curate the ones that fit your profile;
  • Your professional sales development representative CV should be between one-to-two pages long: select the longer format if you have more experience.

A little bit more about your actual CV design, ensure you're using:

When submitting your CV, are you still not sure what format it should be? Despite the myth that has been circling around, most modern ATS systems are perfectly capable of reading PDFs. This format is an excellent choice as it keeps all of your information intact.

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Be mindful of white space; too much can make the CV look sparse, too little can make it look cluttered. Strive for a balance that makes the document easy on the eyes.

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The top sections on a sales development representative CV

  • Professional Summary provides a quick glimpse of your capabilities.
  • Sales Experience shows specific roles and achievements in sales.
  • Key Skills section highlights your sales and persuasion abilities.
  • Education and Certifications demonstrate your relevant knowledge base.
  • Metrics-Driven Results offer concrete evidence of your sales successes.
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What recruiters value on your CV:
  • Highlight your ability to generate and qualify leads by detailing previous experience with outbound calling, cold emailing, or social selling techniques, and quantify your success with specific metrics.
  • Emphasise your proficiency in using CRM systems and sales automation tools, as this demonstrates your organisational skills and understanding of technology essential for tracking sales activities.
  • Showcase your communication and interpersonal skills by mentioning any sales training, workshops attended, or instances where you’ve effectively built rapport with prospective clients.
  • Document any experience with multi-channel prospecting strategies, including your adaptability and creativity in reaching targets through different platforms such as LinkedIn, industry forums, or webinars.
  • Detail your knowledge and understanding of the sales process within your specific industry, showcasing your ability to align prospecting strategies with the company's products, services, and market positioning.

Tips and tricks on writing a job-winning sales development representative CV header

The CV header is the space which most recruiters would be referring most often to, in the beginning and end of your application. That is as the CV header includes your contact details, but also a headline and a professional photo. When writing your CV header:

  • Double-check your contact details for spelling errors or if you've missed any digits. Also, ensure you've provided your personal details, and not your current work email or telephone number;
  • Include your location in the form of the city and country you live in. If you want to be more detailed, you can list your full address to show proximity to your potential work place;
  • Don't include your CV photo, if you're applying for roles in the UK or US, as this may bias initial recruiters' assessments;
  • Write a professional headline that either integrates the job title, some relevant industry keywords, or your most noteworthy achievement.

In the next part of our guide, we'll provide you with professional CVs that showcase some of the best practices when it comes to writing your headline.

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Examples of good CV headlines for sales development representative:

  1. Sales Development Representative | B2B Lead Generation Expert | Certified in Solution Selling | 4 Years Experience
  2. Tech Sales Specialist | Prospect Engagement | SaaS Experience | 3+ Years in Sales Development
  3. Senior SDR | Strategic Market Analyst | CRM Proficiency | 6 Years Advancing Sales Pipelines
  4. Dynamic SDR | Key Account Prospecting | Innovative Sales Techniques | Certified Sales Professional | 5+ Yrs
  5. Junior Sales Executive | Client Acquisition Talent | Degree in Business | Passion for Growth | 2 Years
  6. Experienced Sales Developer | Multi-Channel Outreach Strategy | Relationship Building | 7 Years in Sales Enablement

Choosing your opening statement: a sales development representative CV summary or objective

At the top one third of your CV, you have the chance to make a more personable impression on recruiters by selecting between:

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CV summaries for a sales development representative job:

  • Dynamic Sales Development Representative with over 3 years of experience excelling in high-paced tech environments, adept at pipeline development and prospecting techniques. Achieved a 150% annual sales growth through effective lead nurturing and strategic outreach. Proficient in Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Energetic professional with 4 years of sales experience in automotive parts distribution, transitioning to SaaS sales. Recognised for surpassing sales targets by 20% quarter-over-quarter. Skilled in CRM systems and market analysis, eager to pivot expertise to software solutions sales.
  • Self-motivated former Hospitality Manager seeking to transition into sales development with a keen understanding of client service and relations. Demonstrated success in team leadership, increasing customer satisfaction ratings by 30%. Adept at relationship-building and eager to transfer skills to exceed sales objectives in a new industry.
  • With over 5 years of successful sales experience in pharmaceuticals, including a record-breaking £1M revenue milestone in a fiscal year, seeking to apply customer acquisition strategies and robust product knowledge to the tech sector as a Sales Development Representative.
  • Aspiring Sales Professional, with notable accolades in academic pursuit of business administration, aims to leverage strong interpersonal skills and a dedicated work ethic to drive sales and nurture client relationships. Committed to developing a profound understanding of prospect needs in the technology sector.
  • Recent graduate with a passion for cloud computing solutions, looking to apply a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for customer engagement to carve out a successful career in sales development. Aiming to contribute to brand growth by connecting with clients with energy and effectiveness.

Narrating the details of your sales development representative CV experience section

Perhaps you've heard it time and time again, but, how you present your experience is what matters the most. Your CV experience section - that details your work history alongside your accomplishments - is the space to spotlight your unqiue expertise and talents. So, avoid solely listing your responsibilities, but instead:

Before you start writing your sales development representative CV experience section, dive into some industry-leading examples on how to structure your bullets.

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Best practices for your CV's work experience section
  • Developed a deep understanding of product offerings and value proposition to effectively communicate with prospective customers and identify opportunities, resulting in a 25% increase in qualified leads.
  • Utilised CRM systems like Salesforce to track and manage lead activity, consistently maintaining up-to-date records that allowed for accurate forecasting and reporting.
  • Engaged with leads through strategic cold calling and emailing, achieving an average of 80 calls per day with a 15% conversion rate into initial meetings or product demos.
  • Crafted personalised email outreach campaigns that spoke to the specific pain points and interests of the target audience, leading to a 30% open rate and 10% click-through rate.
  • Collaborated with marketing and sales teams to align outbound strategies with ongoing campaigns, ensuring consistent messaging and increasing campaign success by 20%.
  • Mastered the art of prospecting by identifying and researching potential clients in targeted markets, generating a pipeline growth of 40% quarter over quarter.
  • Regularly performed A/B testing on outreach methods to refine the sales approach, which resulted in a 50% improvement in engagement on selected communication channels.
  • Maintained a detailed understanding of the sales process, from initial contact to close, to provide prospects with informed, consultative interactions.
  • Participated in weekly sales meetings to discuss strategies and share best practices, contributing to a team culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.
Sales Development Experience
Senior Sales Development Representative
Adobe Systems
  • Met and exceeded monthly sales targets by cultivating relationships with key clients, achieving an average of 130% of the personal sales goal each quarter.
  • Implemented a new lead qualification process using Salesforce CRM that increased lead conversion rates by 25% within six months.
  • Collaborated closely with the marketing department to define and execute successful email campaigns that led to a 35% rise in inbound lead volume.
Business Development Achievements
Sales Development Specialist
Oracle Corporation
  • Drove regional sales initiatives that resulted in an annual growth of 20% for the southern Europe market, outpacing the average market growth.
  • Facilitated expert-level product demonstrations tailored to client needs, increasing customer acquisition by 40% within the first year.
  • Mastered the use of lead generation tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, resulting in a 30% increase in qualified leads year-over-year.
Lead Generation Expertise
Lead Sales Development Representative
  • Initiated and developed a new outbound prospecting strategy, which increased pipeline creation by 50% in the first 12 months.
  • Organized and led a weekly sales training workshop for new hires, improving overall team performance and reducing onboarding time by 25%.
  • Consistently ranked in the top 5% of the sales development team, contributing to a 200% team quota achievement in 2017.
Market Penetration Strategist
Business Development Sales Representative
  • Created and maintained a strong sales pipeline that consistently exceeded quarterly sales goals by at least 15%.
  • Negotiated and closed complex deals with mid-tier accounts that contributed to a 10% increase in market share for the company.
  • Leveraged data analysis to target and penetrate new market segments, successfully introducing the brand to two new industries.
B2B Sales Growth Achievements
Enterprise Sales Development Representative
  • Spearheaded a strategic partnership initiative that secured 3 key industry alliances within the first six months.
  • Directed cross-functional teams to collaborate on exclusive B2B product launches, leading to a 15% uplift in sales from partnered enterprises.
  • Pioneered a consultative selling approach, educating prospects about complex product features, which resulted in a increased customer retention rate by 20%.
Sales Prospecting and Analysis
Inside Sales Development Representative
IBM Corporation
  • Undertook in-depth industry analysis to inform and develop targeted sales strategies that opened up 5 new verticals, amplifying market reach.
  • Engaged in high-level networking events, which built a valuable pipeline of high-profile leads and partnerships.
  • Accelerated average deal closure time by 10 days through the adoption of an advanced sales analytics platform that informed negotiation tactics.
Client Acquisition Tactics
International Sales Development Representative
Zoom Video Communications
  • Executed a comprehensive social selling program via LinkedIn, which attributed to a 50% increase in lead generation activities year-on-year.
  • Developed a series of successful client referral programs that generated a 20% uplift in qualified leads from existing customers.
  • Cultivated a collaborative approach with the product team, leading to a 30% faster feedback loop and higher client satisfaction scores.
Sales Cycle Enhancement
Progressive Sales Development Representative
Slack Technologies
  • Designed and implemented cutting-edge sales automation tools, reducing the lead response time by 40%, which directly increased close rates.
  • Led a company-wide initiative to refine sales messaging, resulting in enhanced brand positioning and a 25% increase in sales meetings.
  • Structured and trained a high-performing SDR team that exceeded sales target by 120% within the first year of operation.

How to ensure your sales development representative CV stands out when you have no experience

This part of our step-by-step guide will help you substitute your experience section by helping you spotlight your skill set. First off, your ability to land your first job will depend on the time you take to assess precisely how you match the job requirements. Whether that's via your relevant education and courses, skill set, or any potential extracurricular activities. Next:

  • Systematise your CV so that it spotlights your most relevant experience (whether that's your education or volunteer work) towards the top;
  • Focus recruiters' attention to your transferrable skill set and in particular how your personality would be the perfect fit for the role;
  • Consider how your current background has helped you build your technological understanding - whether you've created projects in your free time or as part of your uni degree;
  • Ensure you've expanded on your teamwork capabilities with any relevant internships, part-time roles, or projects you've participated in the past.
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Include examples of how you adapted to new tools, environments, or work cultures, showing your flexibility.

Mix and match hard and soft skills across your sales development representative CV

Your skill set play an equally valid role as your experience to your application. That is because recruiters are looking for both:

Are you wondering how you should include both hard and soft skills across your sales development representative CV? Use the:

  • skills section to list between ten and twelve technologies that are part of the job requirement (and that you're capable to use);
  • strengths and achievements section to detail how you've used particular hard and soft skills that led to great results for you at work;
  • summary or objective to spotlight up to three skills that are crucial for the role and how they've helped you optimise your work processes.

One final note - when writing about the skills you have, make sure to match them exactly as they are written in the job ad. Take this precautionary measure to ensure your CV passes the Applicant Tracker System (ATS) assessment.

Top skills for your sales development representative CV:

Outbound Sales Techniques

CRM Software Proficiency

Lead Generation and Qualification

Email Prospecting

Cold Calling

Sales Pitch Development

Product Demonstration Skills

Market Research

Data Analysis

Sales Reporting



Active Listening


Time Management







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If you have received professional endorsements or recommendations for certain skills, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, mention these to add credibility.

Listing your university education and certificates on your sales development representative CV

The best proof of your technical capabilities would be your education and certifications sections. Your education should list all of your relevant university degrees, followed up by their start and completion dates. Make sure to also include the name of the university/-ies you graduated from. If you happen to have less professional experience (or you deem it would be impressive and relevant to your application), spotlight in the education section:

  • that you were awarded a "First" degree;
  • industry-specific coursework and projects;
  • extracurricular clubs, societies, and activities.

When selecting your certificates, first ask yourself how applicable they'd be to the role. Ater your initial assessment, write the certificate and institution name. Don't miss out on including the completion date. In the below panel, we've curated relevant examples of industry-leading certificates.

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Order your skills based on the relevance to the role you're applying for, ensuring the most pertinent skills catch the employer's attention first.

Key takeaways

Here are five things you need to remember about writing your sales development representative CV for success:

  • Sort your experience based on the reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent career items, to showcase how you've grown your career;
  • Include within your CV header your relevant contact details, a headline that could spotlight your unique value, and a photo - if you're applying for roles outside the UK or US;
  • Decide to use the CV summary, if you happen to have more professional experience, and an objective, if you want to showcase your career goals;
  • Within the experience section, write your bullets using action verbs, skills, and success, instead of just merely listing your on-the-job responsibilities;
  • Prove your technical skills, using your education and certificates, and your soft skills, with your achievements and strengths sections.

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