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As a Personal Assistant, a well-crafted CV is essential in securing a position in your desired field. While most people focus on the basics of their work experience and education, there are several other factors that can help make your CV stand out. In this article, you'll learn the top sections for a Personal Assistant CV, additional sections to consider, top bullet points to use, and more. This article also includes three examples of Personal Assistant CVs to serve as inspiration for your own.

Personal Assistant CVs based on experience level

Career Change Personal Assistant CV example

Entry Level Personal Assistant CV example

Additional Personal Assistant CV Tips and Tricks

Top sections for a Personal Assistant CV:

  • Contact Information
  • Personal Statement
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • References
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Awards and Honours
  • Professional Memberships
  • Language Skills
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Top bullet points for your Personal Assistant CV

If you’re struggling with your work experience section, a pro tip is to focus on accomplishments rather than responsibilities. Highlight your achievements in your job and quantify them with numbers to show your impact.

  • Demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, resulting in the successful execution of a busy executive’s schedule
  • Provided first-class administrative assistance to senior leadership, resulting in the timely completion of critical business initiatives
  • Efficiently managed diverse projects, resulting in enhanced team collaboration and improved results
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite, including advanced skills in Excel and PowerPoint
  • Developed excellent communication skills through liaising with clients and coordinating meetings
  • Offered best-in-class customer service by responding to calls and emails in a courteous and timely manner
  • Experienced in handling confidential information with discretion and professionalism
  • Developed and implemented streamlined processes and procedures, resulting in improved overall efficiency and productivity
  • Accomplished tasks with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and precision in all work completed
  • Managed multiple competing priorities and tasks, effectively prioritising and delivering results timely
  • Proven ability to work independently and collaboratively with teams, exhibiting strong leadership skills in supervising staff and delegating tasks
  • Adapted well to changes in work environments, showing flexibility in taking on new tasks and learning new systems
  • Demonstrated strong analytical and problem-solving skills, resulting in the successful completion of complex projects
  • Implemented strategies to improve efficiency in office operations, resulting in significant cost savings
  • Delivered high-quality written and verbal communications, such as emails, memos, and reports, resulting in clear and concise communication across all channels

Personal Assistant Skills for Your CV

Time Management
Successfully managed a high volume of work and multiple priorities, resulting in the timely completion of projects and tasks
Identified and resolved complex issues with keen attention to detail and critical analysis, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency
Developed and maintained strong working relationships with clients and stakeholders, leading to effective collaboration and enhanced project success
Proficient in:
Microsoft Office Suite
Google Suite
Data Entry
Calendar Management
Project Management

Personal Assistant CV Summary Examples and Tips

Your CV summary is the first thing a potential employer will read, making it a crucial component of your CV. Here is a summary example:

To create an impactful summary like the one above, highlight your top achievements, skills, and experience and emphasise how you will add value to the organisation.

Top Summaries for Your Personal Assistant CV:

A pro tip is to consider tailoring your summary to the job description and the organisation- this will help showcase your relevance and suitability for the role while making your CV more impactful.

  • Top-performing Personal Assistant with +5 years of experience providing exceptional administrative support to senior executives, proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite with excellent communication skills.
  • Highly competent Personal Assistant with a record of efficient calendar management, project coordination, and successful problem-solving, resulting in seamless operations within organizations.
  • Experienced Personal Assistant with more than ten years of experience providing administrative support to executives, adept at organizing and managing events and managing diverse calendar activities.
  • Reliable and dedicated Personal Assistant with a proven track record of providing outstanding administrative assistance to team members, adept in multitasking, and delivering positive results across diverse environments.
  • Highly skilled Personal Assistant with extensive experience building strong relationships with clients and stakeholders, efficiently managing complex projects and supporting teams in achieving business objectives.

Specific Tips to Make Your Personal Assistant CV Stand Out

Here are five specific tips to help make your Personal Assistant CV stand out:

Make sure to keep these less-obvious tips in mind when crafting your Personal Assistant CV to help set you apart from other applicants.

  • 1. Showcase your achievements, not just your responsibilities.
  • 2. Tailor your CV summary to the job and organisation.
  • 3. Highlight your technical skills and experience.
  • 4. Quantify your achievements with numbers and metrics where possible.
  • 5. Proofread your CV for grammar and spelling errors.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Assistant CVs

Q: What should I put in my Personal Assistant CV summary?

A: Your Personal Assistant CV summary should highlight your top achievements, skills, and experience while emphasising how you will add value to the organisation. Keep it brief and to the point while tailoring it to the job and organisation.

Q: How should I showcase my skills on my Personal Assistant CV?

A: Showcase your skills by using bullet points to describe your proficiency, experience, and achievements. Use both hard and soft skills and consider tailoring the skills section to the job and the organisation.

Q: What can I do to make my Personal Assistant CV stand out?

A: You can make your Personal Assistant CV stand out by tailoring it to the job and organisation, quantifying your achievements, highlighting your technical skills and experience, and proofreading it for errors. Keep in mind the relevance of your achievements and try to use less obvious tips while thinking outside the box.