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Your server CV should highlight exceptional customer service skills. Proven ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently is essential. Demonstrate your experience in a high-paced dining environment. Include specific examples of your problem-solving capabilities.

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Facing the inherent challenge of accurately understanding complex customer orders can be daunting due to the diverse accents and slang in use. Our guide offers detailed strategies and practical tips to hone your listening skills, ensuring clear communication and impeccable service.

Structure, write, and edit your server CV to land the role of your dreams with our exclusive guide on how to:

  • Create an attention-grabbing header that integrates keywords and includes all vital information;
  • Add strong action verbs and skills in your experience section, and get inspired by real-world professionals;
  • List your education and relevant certification to fill in the gaps in your career history;
  • Integrate both hard and soft skills all through your CV.

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How to ensure your profile stands out with your server CV format

It's sort of a Catch 22. You want your server CV to stand out amongst a pile of candidate profiles, yet you don't want it to be too over the top that it's unreadable. Where is the perfect balance between your CV format simple, while using it to shift the focus to what matters most. That is - your expertise. When creating your server CV:

  • list your experience in the reverse chronological order - starting with your latest roles;
  • include a header with your professional contact information and - optionally - your photograph;
  • organise vital and relevant CV sections - e.g. your experience, skills, summary/ objective, education - closer to the top;
  • use no more than two pages to illustrate your professional expertise;
  • format your information using plenty of white space and standard (2.54 cm) margins, with colours to accent key information.

Once you've completed your information, export your server CV in PDF, as this format is more likely to stay intact when read by the Applicant Tracker System or the ATS. A few words of advice about the ATS - or the software used to assess your profile:

Upload & Check Your CV

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Use bold or italics sparingly to draw attention to key points, such as job titles, company names, or significant achievements. Overusing these formatting options can dilute their impact.

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The top sections on a server CV

  • Contact Information provides the means to reach you.
  • Work Experience showcases your history in service roles.
  • Key Skills highlight aptitudes in customer service.
  • Education Background establishes your formal training.
  • References affirm your capabilities through others.
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What recruiters value on your CV:
  • Highlight your experience with diverse food and beverage services to show your capability in adapting to various dining environments and menus.
  • Emphasise your customer service skills by providing specific examples of how you've positively impacted guest experiences and handled difficult situations.
  • Include any relevant certifications, such as food safety or alcohol service, to demonstrate your commitment to industry standards and regulations.
  • Mention your ability to work efficiently under pressure, particularly during peak dining hours, to illustrate your time management and organisational skills.
  • Detail your teamwork and communication abilities, as these are crucial for coordinating with kitchen staff and ensuring seamless service.

Our checklist for the must-have information in your server CV header

Right at the very top of your server CV is where you'd find the header section or the space for your contact details, headline, and professional photo. Wondering how to present your the name of the city you live in and the country abbreviation as your address;

  • Integrate a link to your professional portfolio or LinkedIn profile to further showcase your work;
  • Upload your professional photo only if you're applying for jobs outside the UK or US.
  • Finally, we've reached the most difficult aspect of the CV header - it's your headline or the first sentence that is used to grab recruiters' attention. The most effective server CV headlines:

    • are tailored to the role you're applying for by integrating key job skills and requirements;
    • showcase what your unique value is, most often in the form of your most noteworthy accomplishment;
    • select your relevant qualifications, skills, or current role to pass the Applicant Tracker System (ATS) assessment.
    • Still not sure how to write your CV headline? Our examples below showcase best practices on creating effective headlines:
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    Examples of good CV headlines for server:

    1. IT Infrastructure Specialist | Lead Server Administrator | MCSE Certified | Cloud Solutions | 10+ Years Experience
    2. Senior Systems Engineer | Enterprise Server Management | Virtualization Expert | ITIL and CCNP | 15 Years in IT
    3. Junior Server Technician | Recent Graduate | Passion for Linux Systems | CompTIA Server+ | Rapid Problem Solver
    4. Server Operations Manager | Strategic IT Planning | High Availability Systems | 12 Years of Leadership
    5. Advanced Server Support Analyst | Performance Optimisation | SQL Server Expert | VMware Pro | 7+ Years Field Experience
    6. Principal Server Architect | Scalable Infrastructure Design | Security Compliance Guru | AWS Certified | 20 Years Deep Expertise

    Catching recruiters' attention with your server CV summary or objective

    Located closer to the top of your CV, both the summary and objective are no more than five sentences long and serve as an introduction to your experience. What is more, you could use either to entice recruiters to read on. Select the:

    Judging which one you need to add to your server CV may at times seem difficult. That’s why you need to check out how professionals, with similar to your experience, have written their summary or objective, in the examples below:

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    CV summaries for a server job:

    • With over 5 years of dedicated service in fine dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, I possess advanced knowledge of wine pairings, menu curation, and provide an exceptional dining experience. My proudest achievement was being awarded Employee of the Year for consistently exceeding performance targets and maintaining a customer satisfaction rating of 99%.
    • Energetic professional with 8 years' experience in high-volume casual dining establishments, I bring expertise in POS systems, upselling strategies, and have a track record of improving average table turnover time by 20%. Recognised for leadership skills, I successfully trained and mentored a team of 15 servers, leading to our recognition as Best Customer Service in the city.
    • Accomplished software developer with a decade of experience in agile environments, transitioning into the hospitality industry to pursue a passion for service and gastronomy. Adept in team coordination and project management, I am keen to leverage my problem-solving skills to enhance dining experiences and streamline restaurant operations.
    • Dynamic marketing strategist with 6 years of experience crafting compelling brand narratives, seeking to change career paths and foster a passion for culinary arts and guest services. Bringing strong communication skills and a history of cultivating successful client relationships, aiming to transfer these strengths to exceed expectations in a high-paced restaurant setting.
    • As a newcomer to the hospitality industry, I am eager to apply my interpersonal skills honed in volunteer roles and in academia. My objective is to learn from the ground up, delivering attentive service and contributing to a vibrant team while pursuing formal certifications in food safety and hospitality management.
    • Introducing a fresh perspective to the server profession with no prior industry experience but armed with enthusiasm and a fast learner mindset. My goal is to immerse myself in the world of culinary service, building upon my extensive customer service background in retail to curate memorable dining experiences for patrons.

    Best practices for writing your server CV experience section

    If your profile matches the job requirements, the CV experience is the section which recruiters will spend the most time studying. Within your experience bullets, include not merely your career history, but, rather, your skills and outcomes from each individual role. Your best experience section should promote your profile by:

    • including specific details and hard numbers as proof of your past success;
    • listing your experience in the functional-based or hybrid format (by focusing on the skills), if you happen to have less professional, relevant expertise;
    • showcasing your growth by organising your roles, starting with the latest and (hopefully) most senior one;
    • staring off each experience bullet with a verb, following up with skills that match the job description, and the outcomes of your responsibility.

    Add keywords from the job advert in your experience section, like the professional CV examples:

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    Best practices for your CV's work experience section
    • Delicately balanced multiple table sections consistently, ensuring timely order placement and accuracy while providing exceptional guest service, contributing to a 20% increase in returning customers.
    • Mastered the restaurant's point of sale (POS) system, reducing order processing times by 15%, and increasing efficiency during peak hours.
    • Implemented upselling strategies for high-end menu items and wine pairings, boosting average table sales by 25% over a six-month period.
    • Trained and mentored 10+ new servers, which helped in sustaining high service standards and maintaining the restaurant's reputation.
    • Maintained a detailed knowledge of the menu, including allergen information, which decreased the incidence of allergic reactions by 100%.
    • Managed timely conflict resolution with dissatisfied guests, turning potential negative reviews into positive ones, as evidenced by a 30% increase in positive online feedback.
    • Adhered to and enforced rigorous hygiene and cleanliness standards, maintaining a 5-star hygiene rating throughout my tenure.
    • Expertly catered to various events and functions, accommodating special requests and dietary needs, leading to a 10% rise in event bookings.
    • Successfully kept composure during high-pressure shifts, including holiday seasons and promotional events, leading to personal commendation from the restaurant's management.
    Work Experience
    Head Waiter
    The Ritz London
    • Provided an exceptional dining experience for up to 60 guests per shift, effectively managing their orders and accommodating special dietary needs.
    • Introduced an upselling strategy for premium beverages and desserts, which increased average table receipts by 15% over six months.
    • Collaborated with the kitchen staff to streamline the order-to-service process, reducing average customer wait times by 10 minutes.
    Work Experience
    Dining Room Captain
    • Successfully handled guest service for special events and private parties, ensuring personalized attention to over 100 guests on peak events.
    • Trained and supervised a team of 5 junior servers, fostering a culture of teamwork and efficiency within the establishment.
    • Implemented a feedback system from customers, leading to a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction scores.
    Work Experience
    Senior Server
    Dinner by Heston Blumenthal
    • Manage the daily setup of dining areas and service stations to maintain an organized workflow for a team of 10 servers.
    • Designed and launched a themed weekly dining event that attracted on average 150 additional diners per event.
    • Consistently achieved top sales performance in wine pairings, contributing to a 25% increase in wine sales.
    Work Experience
    Restaurant Server
    Restaurant Gordon Ramsay
    • Leveraged interpersonal skills to build rapport with guests, resulting in a personal clientele who returned regularly and increased sales by 20%.
    • Instrumental in the restaurant earning a Michelin star by maintaining high standards of service and guest satisfaction.
    • Developed a staff training programme on wine knowledge that improved the up-selling skills of the serving team.
    Work Experience
    Head Waitress
    The Ivy
    • Systematized a new reservation system that reduced no-shows by 30%, by following up with reminders and confirmations.
    • Achieved an error rate of less than 1% on order accuracy, even during high-volume shifts serving upwards of 100 customers.
    • Implemented a guest loyalty program that rewarded frequent diners, enhancing repeat business by approximately 35%.
    Work Experience
    Service Team Leader
    Scott's Restaurant
    • Pioneered a new cocktail menu with the bar team which became the highlight of the menu and boosted cocktail sales by 40%.
    • Handled the stress of a fast-paced environment serving upwards of 200 patrons each evening while ensuring no compromise on service quality.
    • Coordinated with the event planners to facilitate catering services at external events, substantially enlarging the customer base.
    Work Experience
    Service Specialist
    Sexy Fish
    • Operated a busy city-centre restaurant with an average of 500 customers served per week while maintaining high service standards.
    • Played a key role in a project to redesign the dining area, which improved customer experience and received positive media coverage.
    • Conducted training sessions on the point of sale system use for newly hired staff to ensure seamless integration into the service flow.
    Work Experience
    Lead Server
    The Ledbury
    • Adeptly manage a culturally diverse guest list for high-profile events, often serving diplomats and celebrities with the utmost discretion and attention to detail.
    • Instrumental in the development and execution of a seasonal menu relaunch that led to a record increase in average cover value of 20% within the first month.
    • Spearheaded an initiative to source organic and local produce, further enhancing the restaurant’s reputation for quality and sustainability, and attracting a health-conscious clientele.

    What to add in your server CV experience section with no professional experience

    If you don't have the standard nine-to-five professional experience, yet are still keen on applying for the job, here's what you can do:

    • List any internships, part-time roles, volunteer experience, or basically any work you've done that meets the job requirements and is in the same industry;
    • Showcase any project you've done in your free time (even if you completed them with family and friends) that will hint at your experience and skill set;
    • Replace the standard, CV experience section with a strengths or achievements one. This will help you spotlight your transferrable skills that apply to the role.
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    Talk about any positive changes you helped bring about in your previous jobs, like improving a process or helping increase efficiency.

    Describing your unique skill set using both hard skills and soft skills

    Your server CV provides you with the perfect opportunity to spotlight your talents, and at the same time - to pass any form of assessment. Focusing on your skill set across different CV sections is the way to go, as this would provide you with an opportunity to quantify your achievements and successes. There's one common, very simple mistake, which candidates tend to make at this stage. Short on time, they tend to hurry and mess up the spelling of some of the key technologies, skills, and keywords. Copy and paste the particular skill directly from the job requirement to your CV to pass the Applicant Tracker System (ATS) assessment. Now, your CV skills are divided into:

    Top skills for your server CV:

    Knowledge of Food Service Regulations

    Point of Sale (POS) System Operation

    Food and Beverage Pairings

    Order Taking/Handling

    Menu Memorization

    Cash Handling

    Basic Culinary Skills

    Inventory Management

    Table Setting Techniques

    Cleaning and Sanitisation Protocols


    Communication Skills

    Customer Service Orientation



    Active Listening

    Problem-Solving Ability

    Attention to Detail



    Stress Management

    pro tip icon

    Order your skills based on the relevance to the role you're applying for, ensuring the most pertinent skills catch the employer's attention first.

    Education and more professional qualifications to include in your server CV

    If you want to showcase to recruiters that you're further qualified for the role, ensure you've included your relevant university diplomas. Within your education section:

    • Describe your degree with your university name(-s) and start-graduation dates;
    • List any awards you've received, if you deem they would be impressive or are relevant to the industry;
    • Include your projects and publications, if you need to further showcase how you've used your technical know-how;
    • Avoid listing your A-level marks, as your potential employers care to learn more about your university background.

    Apart from your higher education, ensure that you've curated your relevant certificates or courses by listing the:

    • name of the certificate or course;
    • name of the institution within which you received your training;
    • the date(-s) when you obtained your accreditation.

    In the next section, discover some of the most relevant certificates for your server CV:

    pro tip icon

    If there's a noticeable gap in your skillset for the role you're applying for, mention any steps you're taking to acquire these skills, such as online courses or self-study.

    Key takeaways

    Impressing recruiters with your experience, skill set, and values starts with your professional server CV. Write concisely and always aim to answer job requirements with what you've achieved; furthermore:

    • Select a simple design that complements your experience and ensures your profile is presentable;
    • Include an opening statement that either spotlights your key achievements (summary) or showcases your career ambitions (objective);
    • Curate your experience bullets, so that each one commences with a strong, action verb and is followed up by your skill and accomplishment;
    • List your hard and soft skills all across different sections of your CV to ensure your application meets the requirements;
    • Dedicate space to your relevant higher education diplomas and your certificates to show recruiters you have the necessary industry background.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Server CVs

    Q: How important is prior experience in the Server industry?

    A: Prior experience in the Server industry is important, but it is not the only factor. Employers value soft skills such as customer service and communication, which can be gained from other industries as well.

    Q: Should I include a photo on my Server CV?

    A: It is not necessary to include a photo on your Server CV, and some employers may even prefer that you don't. Focus on showcasing your skills and experience instead.

    Q: How long should my Server CV be?

    A: A Server CV should be one to two pages long, depending on your level of experience. Focus on highlighting your most relevant skills and experience.