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Your security officer CV must clearly display a robust understanding of security protocols. It should also showcase your proficiency in operating security equipment. Highlight your quick decision-making skills and your ability to remain calm under pressure. Ensure that any certifications or specialized training you have received are prominently featured.

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Crafting an effective CV as a security officer can be challenging when trying to articulate the breadth of your experience in a way that stands out to potential employers. Our guide offers step-by-step advice on how to structure your CV and highlight your skills, ensuring you make a strong impression on your next job application.

Land the job of your dreams with our bespoke guide on how to:

  • Design and format your professional security officer CV;
  • Curate your key contact information, skills, and achievements throughout your CV sections;
  • Ensure your profile stays competitive by studying other industry-leading security officer CVs;
  • Create a great CV even if you happen to have less professional experience, or switching fields.

When writing your security officer CV, you may need plenty of insights from hiring managers. We have prepared industry-leading advice in the form of our relevant CV guides.

Structuring your security officer CV layout: four factors to keep in mind

There are plenty of best practices out there for your CV layout and design. At the end of the day, a clear format and concise CV message should be your top priority. Use your CV design to enhance separate sections, bringing them to the forefront of recruiters' attention. At the same time, you can write content that:

  • Follows the reverse chronological order in the experience section by first listing your most recent jobs;
  • Incorporates your contact information in the header, but do skip out on the CV photo for roles in the UK;
  • Is spotlighted in the most important sections of your CV, e.g. the summary or objective, experience, education, etc. to show just how you meet the job requirements;
  • Is no longer than two-pages. Often, the one-page format can be optimal for your security officer CV.

Before submitting your CV, you may wonder whether to export it in Doc or PDF. With the PDF format, your information and layout stay intact. This is quite useful when your CV is assessed by the Applicant Tracker System (or the ATS) . The ATS is a software that scans your profile for all relevant information and can easily understand latest study on the ATS , which looks at your CV columns, design, and so much more.

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Incorporate a touch of colour in headers or section breaks, but keep it professional and ensure it doesn’t detract from readability, especially in more conservative industries.

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The top sections on a security officer CV

  • Professional Summary showcases your security expertise and goals.
  • Security Certifications highlight specialised training and qualifications.
  • Relevant Security Experience details your background in various security roles.
  • Skills Section presents your physical and technical security capabilities.
  • References Upon Request indicates your professional credibility and network.
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What recruiters value on your CV:
  • Highlight your understanding of security protocols and procedures by providing examples of how you've implemented or adhered to them in past roles to demonstrate your capability in maintaining a secure environment.
  • Emphasise any specialised training such as first aid, fire safety, or conflict de-escalation to showcase your preparedness for emergency situations that may arise during your duties.
  • Include experience with security systems and technology, such as CCTV operation or access control systems, to illustrate your technical proficiency and ability to monitor premises effectively.
  • Detail your ability to produce clear and concise reports following security incidents or routine checks, as documentation is a key aspect of a Security Officer's role.
  • Present your soft skills, particularly in communication and teamwork, as these are crucial in coordinating with other security staff and liaising with emergency services or management when required.

Our checklist for the must-have information in your security officer CV header

Right at the very top of your security officer CV is where you'd find the header section or the space for your contact details, headline, and professional photo. Wondering how to present your the name of the city you live in and the country abbreviation as your address;

  • Integrate a link to your professional portfolio or LinkedIn profile to further showcase your work;
  • Upload your professional photo only if you're applying for jobs outside the UK or US.
  • Finally, we've reached the most difficult aspect of the CV header - it's your headline or the first sentence that is used to grab recruiters' attention. The most effective security officer CV headlines:

    • are tailored to the role you're applying for by integrating key job skills and requirements;
    • showcase what your unique value is, most often in the form of your most noteworthy accomplishment;
    • select your relevant qualifications, skills, or current role to pass the Applicant Tracker System (ATS) assessment.
    • Still not sure how to write your CV headline? Our examples below showcase best practices on creating effective headlines:
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    Examples of good CV headlines for security officer:

    1. Head of Corporate Security & Risk Management | Certified Protection Professional | 15+ Years Experience
    2. Lead Cyber Security Analyst | Network Defence | CISSP | 10 Years in IT Security
    3. Senior Security Supervisor | Crowd Control Expert | SIA Licensed | 7 Years Frontline Experience
    4. Retail Security Officer | Loss Prevention Specialist | NVQ Level 2 in Providing Security | 5 Years On-Site
    5. Executive Protection Agent | Close Protection Operations | SIA Authorised | 12 Years Dedicated Service
    6. Security Operations Manager | Event Safety Coordinator | NEBOSH Certified | 9 Years of Strategic Management

    Catching recruiters' attention with your security officer CV summary or objective

    Located closer to the top of your CV, both the summary and objective are no more than five sentences long and serve as an introduction to your experience. What is more, you could use either to entice recruiters to read on. Select the:

    Judging which one you need to add to your security officer CV may at times seem difficult. That’s why you need to check out how professionals, with similar to your experience, have written their summary or objective, in the examples below:

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    CV summaries for a security officer job:

    • With over 10 years of dedicated service in law enforcement, including 5 years as a Senior Security Officer, I have honed my skills in risk assessment, surveillance and coordination with local police forces. Distinction lies in receiving a commendation for resolving a high-stakes bank heist without casualties.
    • Boasting an 8-year track record in military operations, my expertise extends to strategic security procedures, classified information protection, and leading emergency response drills. Recognised with the Army Achievement Medal for developing a base-wide security protocol, greatly enhancing safety and readiness.
    • Transitioning from IT project management to security operations, I bring critical thinking from managing large-scale software deployments with stringent data protection standards. Committed to leveraging my analytical prowess and 7 years of IT experience to excel in security systems management and incident response strategies.
    • A former corporate lawyer for 6 years, I offer a unique perspective to the realm of corporate security, blending legal expertise with a commitment to upholding ethical conduct. Eager to apply my negotiation prowess and understanding of regulatory compliance to enhance security policies and risk mitigation techniques.
    • Seeking to embark on a career in security management, I am eager to apply my energetic enthusiasm and comprehensive knowledge obtained through a Master’s degree in Criminology. Passionate about contributing to a secure environment, my objective is to develop and implement innovative security solutions.
    • As an ambitious recent graduate in Psychology with a focus on behavioural analysis, I am intent on pursuing a career in security operations. I aim to utilize my insight into human behaviour, coupled with a keen desire to learn from seasoned professionals, to detect and prevent security threats effectively.

    Narrating the details of your security officer CV experience section

    Perhaps you've heard it time and time again, but, how you present your experience is what matters the most. Your CV experience section - that details your work history alongside your accomplishments - is the space to spotlight your unqiue expertise and talents. So, avoid solely listing your responsibilities, but instead:

    Before you start writing your security officer CV experience section, dive into some industry-leading examples on how to structure your bullets.

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    Best practices for your CV's work experience section
    • Conducted regular patrols of assigned areas to deter and detect signs of intrusion, ensuring the safety of personnel and property.
    • Maintained accurate logs of daily activities and irregularities, reporting any incidents or suspicious behaviour to the appropriate authorities in a timely manner.
    • Implemented security measures and operated security equipment such as CCTV systems to monitor premises for any irregular activities.
    • Ensured proper functioning of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and other emergency equipment through routine inspection and maintenance.
    • Managed access control for the facility, verifying identification and authorisation of individuals entering secure areas.
    • Responded to emergencies and provided first aid and assistance until emergency services arrived, documenting the details of the event.
    • Collaborated with law enforcement and emergency responders during investigations and crises, acting as the initial point of contact.
    • Trained new security officers and staff on security protocols, safety procedures, and the use of security equipment.
    • Assessed security risks and developed customised security plans and protocols to mitigate potential threats to the organisation.
    Work Experience
    Corporate Security Supervisor
    Knight Frank Security Services
    • Managed security operations for a 50-storey commercial building, coordinating a team of 15 security personnel to ensure the safety of over 3,000 daily occupants.
    • Implemented a new CCTV surveillance system which reduced blind spots by 30%, significantly improving overall security coverage.
    • Conducted regular security audits and risk assessments to identify potential threats, leading to the development of improved emergency response strategies.
    Work Experience
    Retail Security Team Leader
    Allied Universal Security Services
    • Oversaw night-time security for a high-end retail district, deterring vandalism and theft which led to a 40% drop in after-hours incidents.
    • Enhanced team's performance through training programs focused on conflict resolution, providing staff with effective de-escalation techniques.
    • Spearheaded the development and enforcement of access control protocols that successfully mitigated unauthorized entries by 70%.
    Work Experience
    Industrial Security Manager
    G4S Secure Solutions
    • Managed a diverse team of 20 security professionals responsible for the 24/7 protection of a large industrial complex.
    • Drove the integration of advanced biometric access systems, resulting in a seamless visitor management process that increased processing speed by 50%.
    • Initiated a partnership with law enforcement agencies to conduct joint security exercises, enhancing readiness and response to potential threats.
    Work Experience
    Head of Venue Security
    Securitas Security Services
    • Providing strategic oversight of security protocols across multiple entertainment venues, ensuring the safety of over 5,000 guests on peak nights.
    • Devised emergency evacuation procedures that improved evacuation efficiency by 35% during drills and actual emergencies.
    • Negotiated contracts with third-party security vendors to bolster in-house capabilities, maintaining operational excellence while reducing expenses by 20%.
    Work Experience
    Logistics Security Coordinator
    Mitie Security
    • Played a key role in designing and implementing a comprehensive asset protection plan for a major logistics hub, safeguarding goods with a value exceeding £10 million.
    • Increased efficiency in security checks by introducing a barcode system, cutting down processing times for incoming vehicles by 25%.
    • Orchestrated the coordination and response to over 50 security incidents without escalation, maintaining a record of excellence in incident management.
    Work Experience
    Campus Security Chief
    Corps Security
    • Managed front-line security operations for a prestigious university campus, enhancing the safety of 20,000 students and faculty members.
    • Developed and enforced behavioural protocols that were adopted university-wide, leading to a 45% reduction in on-campus offences.
    • Trained a cadre of 30 security guards on emergency first response, increasing the team's capability to handle medical emergencies by 60%.
    Work Experience
    Transport Security Supervisor
    SecuriGroup Services
    • Directed security measures for a fleet of 150 vehicles and the transportation hub, ensuring the safety of both cargo and personnel during transit.
    • Implemented a real-time GPS tracking system that improved vehicle recovery time by 50% in the event of theft or hijacking.
    • Played a lead role in achieving a 90% staff certification rate in advanced security training programs, equipping them with the latest defensive tactics.
    Work Experience
    Critical Infrastructure Security Director
    Interserve Security
    • Designed a security program for critical infrastructure facilities, catering to the needs of a complex operation with a staff of over 5000.
    • Initiated a cybersecurity awareness campaign that reduced phishing incident reports by 60% across the company.
    • Collaborated with national security agencies on counter-terrorism measures, bolstering on-site defences and establishing rigorous contingency protocols.

    Swapping your professional experience (when you have none) with skills and more

    Never underestimate the importance of relevancе when it comes to your security officer CV. Even if you don't happen to have much or any standard (full-time contract) professional experience, this doesn't mean you shouldn't apply for the role. Instead of a bespoke CV experience section:

    • Showcase more prominently any internships, part-time roles, and volunteer experience that are applicable to the role and have taught you job-crucial skills;
    • Feature a strengths or achievements section with your transferrable skills or talents you've obtained thanks to your work or life experience;
    • Write an objective statement that clearly outlines your values as a candidate and defines your career ambitions;
    • List your education or certificates that match the job profile closer to the top of your CV.
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    If you have experience in diverse fields, highlight how this has broadened your perspective and skill set, making you a more versatile candidate.

    Key security officer CV skills: what are hard skills and soft skills

    Let's kick off with the basics. You know that you have to include key job requirements or skills across your CV. For starters, take individual skills from the job description and copy-paste them into your CV, when relevant. Doing so, you'll ensure you have the correct skill spelling and also pass the Applicant Tracker System (ATS) assessment. There are two types of skills you'll need to include on your CV:

    • Hard skills - technical abilities that are best defined by your certificates, education, and experience. You could also use the dedicated skills section to list between ten and twelve technologies you're apt at using that match the job requirements.
    • Soft skills - your personal traits and interpersonal communication skills that are a bit harder to quantify. Use various CV sections, e.g. summary, strengths, experience, to shine a spotlight on your workspace achievements, thanks to using particular soft skills.

    Remember that your job-winning CV should balance both your hard and soft skills to prove your technical background, while spotlighting your personality.

    Top skills for your security officer CV:

    Surveillance monitoring

    CCTV operation

    Emergency response

    Access control systems

    Security protocols

    Law enforcement

    Physical security

    First aid and CPR

    Security equipment operation

    Risk assessment



    Situational awareness

    Effective communication


    Decision making

    Customer service




    Conflict resolution

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    Order your skills based on the relevance to the role you're applying for, ensuring the most pertinent skills catch the employer's attention first.

    Further professional qualifications for your security officer CV: education and certificates

    As you're nearing the end of your security officer CV, you may wonder what else will be relevant to the role. Recruiters are keen on understanding your academic background, as it teaches you an array of hard and soft skills. Create a dedicated education section that lists your:

    • applicable higher education diplomas or ones that are at a postgraduate level;
    • diploma, followed up with your higher education institution and start-graduation dates;
    • extracurricular activities and honours, only if you deem that recruiters will find them impressive.

    Follow a similar logic when presenting your certificates. Always select ones that will support your niche expertise and hint at what it's like to work with you. Balance both technical certification with soft skills courses to answer job requirements and company values. Wondering what the most sought out certificates are for the industry? Look no further:

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    Focus on describing skills in the context of the outcomes they’ve helped you achieve, linking them directly to tangible results or successes in your career.

    Key takeaways

    Here are five things you need to remember about writing your security officer CV for success:

    • Sort your experience based on the reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent career items, to showcase how you've grown your career;
    • Include within your CV header your relevant contact details, a headline that could spotlight your unique value, and a photo - if you're applying for roles outside the UK or US;
    • Decide to use the CV summary, if you happen to have more professional experience, and an objective, if you want to showcase your career goals;
    • Within the experience section, write your bullets using action verbs, skills, and success, instead of just merely listing your on-the-job responsibilities;
    • Prove your technical skills, using your education and certificates, and your soft skills, with your achievements and strengths sections.

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