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Your lab technician CV must highlight your experience with laboratory equipment. Show the extent of your familiarity with technologies relevant to the position. Be sure to detail your proficiency in carrying out standard laboratory procedures. Demonstrate your ability to follow protocols and manage experiments with precision.

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One of the specific CV challenges you might face as a lab technician is articulating the technical skills and lab techniques you are proficient in. Our comprehensive guide can help you effectively highlight these competencies by providing targeted language and format suggestions that resonate with hiring professionals in the scientific community.

Structure, write, and edit your lab technician CV to land the role of your dreams with our exclusive guide on how to:

  • Create an attention-grabbing header that integrates keywords and includes all vital information;
  • Add strong action verbs and skills in your experience section, and get inspired by real-world professionals;
  • List your education and relevant certification to fill in the gaps in your career history;
  • Integrate both hard and soft skills all through your CV.

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How to ensure your profile stands out with your lab technician CV format

It's sort of a Catch 22. You want your lab technician CV to stand out amongst a pile of candidate profiles, yet you don't want it to be too over the top that it's unreadable. Where is the perfect balance between your CV format simple, while using it to shift the focus to what matters most. That is - your expertise. When creating your lab technician CV:

  • list your experience in the reverse chronological order - starting with your latest roles;
  • include a header with your professional contact information and - optionally - your photograph;
  • organise vital and relevant CV sections - e.g. your experience, skills, summary/ objective, education - closer to the top;
  • use no more than two pages to illustrate your professional expertise;
  • format your information using plenty of white space and standard (2.54 cm) margins, with colours to accent key information.

Once you've completed your information, export your lab technician CV in PDF, as this format is more likely to stay intact when read by the Applicant Tracker System or the ATS. A few words of advice about the ATS - or the software used to assess your profile:

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Use font size and style strategically to create a visual hierarchy, drawing the reader's eye to the most important information first (like your name and most recent job title).

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The top sections on a lab technician CV

  • Professional Summary showcases your experience and goals in a brief paragraph, drawing attention to your most relevant qualifications and intentions for the lab technician role.
  • Technical Skills section demonstrates your proficiency in specific laboratory techniques, instruments, and software essential for lab work.
  • Work Experience details your previous roles and responsibilities, demonstrating your hands-on experience and achievements in laboratory settings.
  • Education and Certifications highlight your formal training, degrees, and any special certifications you hold that are pertinent to laboratory work.
  • Laboratory Projects outline any notable projects or research you've undertaken, showing your ability to apply skills in practical situations.
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What recruiters value on your CV:
  • Highlight any laboratory experience or technical skills, such as familiarity with analytical techniques, instrumentation or data management systems, which are highly relevant to the role of a lab technician.
  • Detail any relevant qualifications or certifications specific to lab work, like a degree in a scientific field, a laboratory technician certification or health and safety training, as this demonstrates your foundational knowledge.
  • Include any experience with quality control and assurance, emphasising your attention to detail and understanding of the protocols necessary to maintain lab standards.
  • Mention your ability to write reports and manage laboratory documentation, which is crucial for ensuring the traceability and reproducibility of results in a lab setting.
  • Touch upon your communication and teamwork skills, as working effectively with other scientists and technicians is essential for successful laboratory operations and research outcomes.

Our checklist for the must-have information in your lab technician CV header

Right at the very top of your lab technician CV is where you'd find the header section or the space for your contact details, headline, and professional photo. Wondering how to present your the name of the city you live in and the country abbreviation as your address;

  • Integrate a link to your professional portfolio or LinkedIn profile to further showcase your work;
  • Upload your professional photo only if you're applying for jobs outside the UK or US.
  • Finally, we've reached the most difficult aspect of the CV header - it's your headline or the first sentence that is used to grab recruiters' attention. The most effective lab technician CV headlines:

    • are tailored to the role you're applying for by integrating key job skills and requirements;
    • showcase what your unique value is, most often in the form of your most noteworthy accomplishment;
    • select your relevant qualifications, skills, or current role to pass the Applicant Tracker System (ATS) assessment.
    • Still not sure how to write your CV headline? Our examples below showcase best practices on creating effective headlines:
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    Examples of good CV headlines for lab technician:

    1. Senior Laboratory Technician | BSc Biochemistry | 7+ Years in Molecular Biology | Quality Control Specialist
    2. Certified Lab Technician | Microscopy Expertise | 5 Years Applied Research | MSc Biomedical Science
    3. Lead Clinical Lab Technologist | Haematology & Immunology | 10+ Years Experience | Phlebotomy Certified
    4. Junior Laboratory Assistant | BSc (Hons) in Genetics | Enthusiastic in Genetic Sequencing | GCP Trained
    5. Technical Lab Manager | 12 Years in Pharmaceutical Analysis | MSc Organic Chemistry | Lean Six Sigma
    6. Forensic Lab Analyst | Forensic Science BSc | 4 Years DNA Profiling | Expert in Toxicology

    Choosing your opening statement: a lab technician CV summary or objective

    At the top one third of your CV, you have the chance to make a more personable impression on recruiters by selecting between:

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    CV summaries for a lab technician job:

    • Accomplished Laboratory Technician with over 8 years of experience in clinical diagnostics and a solid background in biochemistry. Skilled in operating high-throughput analysers, maintaining strict quality controls, and contributing to critical research resulting in three published studies in renowned medical journals.
    • Detail-oriented professional with 10 years of expertise in forensic science, now seeking to transfer the rigorous analytical and documentation skills acquired to a challenging environment in medical laboratory technology. Adept at evidence analysis and interpretation, with a proven track record of meticulous data management.
    • A budding Biotechnology graduate keen to apply the theoretical knowledge and hands-on laboratory experience gained through a recent internship at a top-notch research facility. Eager to expand practical skills in clinical laboratory settings and contribute to meaningful scientific advancements.
    • Environmental scientist with 6 years of field and laboratory work in pollutant analysis, transitioning into the medical lab tech space. Proficient in various analytical methods and instrumental techniques, offers a unique perspective on sample processing and quality assurance procedures.
    • As a recent graduate from the University of XYZ with a BSc in Microbiology, I am eager to launch my career in laboratory sciences. Enthusiasm for learning advanced technological methodologies and a steadfast commitment to accuracy in data recording and specimen handling mark my quest for excellence.
    • Dedicated individual with a robust foundation in Health Science seeks to delve into the role of a Lab Technician. Keen on applying strong analytical skills, attention to detail, and unwavering resolve to ensure precision in test results and laboratory operations gained from extensive academic coursework and laboratory simulations.

    More detailed look into your work history: best advice on writing your lab technician CV experience section

    The CV experience is a space not just to merely list your past roles and responsibilities. It is the CV real estate within which you could detail your greatest accomplishments and skills, while matching the job requirements. Here's what to have in your experience section:

    For more help on how to write your CV experience section, check out the next section of our guide:

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    Best practices for your CV's work experience section
    • Performed daily calibration and maintenance of laboratory equipment to ensure accurate results and compliance with ISO 17025 standards.
    • Implemented a new sample tracking system, improving sample throughput by 15% and reducing mislabeled specimens.
    • Conducted over 500 chemical analyses on various substances, utilising techniques such as HPLC, GC-MS, and titration, adhering to strict SOPs.
    • Collaborated with a team to research and develop an innovative method to detect pathogens, leading to a 20% increase in detection efficiency.
    • Assisted in the preparation of reports and documentation, ensuring that all findings were accurately recorded in the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).
    • Participated in regular health and safety audits, maintaining a record of zero accidents or incidents in the lab during my tenure.
    • Trained six new technicians on proper laboratory procedures, contributing to the team's overall productivity and maintaining high-quality standards.
    • Liaised with cross-functional teams to support clinical trials, successfully meeting all project deadlines and regulatory requirements for sample analysis.
    • Managed the inventory of lab supplies and reagents, reducing waste by 10% by introducing a more efficient stock management system.
    Senior Laboratory Technician
    Senior Laboratory Technician
    • Managed and trained a team of 5 junior lab technicians, enhancing overall productivity by 25%.
    • Developed a new quality control procedure for sample handling, reducing contamination incidents by 40%.
    • Led the implementation of a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), improving data accuracy and access.
    Clinical Laboratory Technologist
    Clinical Laboratory Technologist
    Pfizer Ltd
    • Performed over 3000 complex biochemical assays with a 99.7% accuracy rate, assisting in critical diagnoses.
    • Collaborated with the research team to publish a study on rare genetic disorders in 'Nature Genetics'.
    • Optimised the workflow for PCR analysis, increasing throughput by 20% without sacrificing quality.
    Research Lab Technician
    Research Lab Technician
    • Conducted experimental protocols for 3 major research projects, contributing to groundbreaking findings on cell regeneration.
    • Maintained laboratory equipment, resulting in decreased downtime from 15% to 2% over the tenure.
    • Authored and co-authored 7 peer-reviewed journal articles, elevating the lab's profile in the scientific community.
    Entry-Level Lab Assistant
    Lab Assistant
    Roche Diagnostics
    • Catalogued over 5000 biological samples, ensuring efficient retrieval for future testing and research.
    • Contributed to developing a new method for bacterial culture which reduced preparation time by 30%.
    • Assisted in the launch of a laboratory waste reduction program, cutting hazardous waste by 25%.
    Lab Analyst
    Lab Analyst
    Merck Group
    • Analysed over 10,000 samples, identifying and rectifying methodological errors to ensure compliance with ISO 17025 standards.
    • Standardised a new spectrometry technique that was adopted as a department-wide best practice.
    • Mentored 3 junior analysts, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and skills development.
    Molecular Biology Technician
    Molecular Biology Technician
    • Spearheaded a DNA sequencing project that mapped 500 genomes and provided valuable data for ongoing research.
    • Improved the sample turnover time by 15% through the implementation of lean laboratory principles.
    • Successfully procured a £50,000 grant for the upgrade of electrophoresis equipment, enhancing laboratory capabilities.
    Laboratory Support Technician
    Lab Support Technician
    • Facilitated a smooth research process by organising and replenishing lab stocks, reducing time between experiments by 20%.
    • Implemented a digital tracking system for sample lifecycle, improving traceability and transparency in the lab.
    • Contributed to a project that achieved a 10% increase in experimental replicability through meticulous record-keeping.
    Biochemistry Lab Technician
    Biochemistry Lab Technician
    • Enhanced the enzyme assay testing protocol, achieving a reduction in assay variability by 18%.
    • Played a key role in a cross-departmental project that mapped metabolic pathways for a new drug, expediting its development.
    • Maintained stringent adherence to health and safety protocols, recording zero incidents during the tenure.

    Swapping your professional experience (when you have none) with skills and more

    Never underestimate the importance of relevancе when it comes to your lab technician CV. Even if you don't happen to have much or any standard (full-time contract) professional experience, this doesn't mean you shouldn't apply for the role. Instead of a bespoke CV experience section:

    • Showcase more prominently any internships, part-time roles, and volunteer experience that are applicable to the role and have taught you job-crucial skills;
    • Feature a strengths or achievements section with your transferrable skills or talents you've obtained thanks to your work or life experience;
    • Write an objective statement that clearly outlines your values as a candidate and defines your career ambitions;
    • List your education or certificates that match the job profile closer to the top of your CV.
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    If you have experience in diverse fields, highlight how this has broadened your perspective and skill set, making you a more versatile candidate.

    Key lab technician CV skills: what are hard skills and soft skills

    Let's kick off with the basics. You know that you have to include key job requirements or skills across your CV. For starters, take individual skills from the job description and copy-paste them into your CV, when relevant. Doing so, you'll ensure you have the correct skill spelling and also pass the Applicant Tracker System (ATS) assessment. There are two types of skills you'll need to include on your CV:

    • Hard skills - technical abilities that are best defined by your certificates, education, and experience. You could also use the dedicated skills section to list between ten and twelve technologies you're apt at using that match the job requirements.
    • Soft skills - your personal traits and interpersonal communication skills that are a bit harder to quantify. Use various CV sections, e.g. summary, strengths, experience, to shine a spotlight on your workspace achievements, thanks to using particular soft skills.

    Remember that your job-winning CV should balance both your hard and soft skills to prove your technical background, while spotlighting your personality.

    Top skills for your lab technician CV:

    Sample Collection

    Laboratory Equipment Operation

    Chemical Handling

    Data Analysis and Recording

    Quality Control Procedures

    Specimen Processing

    Microbiological Testing

    Biochemical Analysis

    Laboratory Safety Protocols

    Instrument Calibration


    Attention to Detail

    Time Management





    Organisational Abilities

    Critical Thinking


    Work Ethic

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    Use mini case studies or success stories in your CV to demonstrate how your skills have positively impacted previous roles or projects.

    Listing your university education and certificates on your lab technician CV

    The best proof of your technical capabilities would be your education and certifications sections. Your education should list all of your relevant university degrees, followed up by their start and completion dates. Make sure to also include the name of the university/-ies you graduated from. If you happen to have less professional experience (or you deem it would be impressive and relevant to your application), spotlight in the education section:

    • that you were awarded a "First" degree;
    • industry-specific coursework and projects;
    • extracurricular clubs, societies, and activities.

    When selecting your certificates, first ask yourself how applicable they'd be to the role. Ater your initial assessment, write the certificate and institution name. Don't miss out on including the completion date. In the below panel, we've curated relevant examples of industry-leading certificates.

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    Use mini case studies or success stories in your CV to demonstrate how your skills have positively impacted previous roles or projects.

    Key takeaways

    Here are five things you need to remember about writing your lab technician CV for success:

    • Sort your experience based on the reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent career items, to showcase how you've grown your career;
    • Include within your CV header your relevant contact details, a headline that could spotlight your unique value, and a photo - if you're applying for roles outside the UK or US;
    • Decide to use the CV summary, if you happen to have more professional experience, and an objective, if you want to showcase your career goals;
    • Within the experience section, write your bullets using action verbs, skills, and success, instead of just merely listing your on-the-job responsibilities;
    • Prove your technical skills, using your education and certificates, and your soft skills, with your achievements and strengths sections.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Lab Technician CVs

    Q: Do I need to include a personal statement on my Lab Technician CV?

    A: Yes, it's a good idea to include a personal statement at the top of your CV. This is a brief summary of your skills, experiences, and career objectives.

    Q: How do I highlight my laboratory skills on my CV?

    A: Make sure to include a 'Technical Skills' section on your CV where you can showcase your laboratory skills, including any relevant equipment and software that you are proficient in using.

    Q: Should I include non-laboratory experience on my Lab Technician CV?

    A: Yes, be sure to include any relevant experience, such as research experience or volunteer work, as it can demonstrate transferable skills to the employer.