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When it comes to applying for a job as an estate agent, your CV is crucial in showing potential employers what you can bring to the table. This article contains various Estate Agent CV examples and a comprehensive guide on how to create a standout CV. By reading this article, you'll learn:

  • How to structure your Estate Agent CV
  • The necessary sections and additional sections of a Estate Agent CV
  • Top bullet points for your Estate Agent CV
  • Estate Agent skills you should showcase on your CV

Estate Agent CVs based on experience level

Career Change Estate Agent CV example

Entry Level Estate Agent CV example

Additional Estate Agent CV Tips and Tricks

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Top sections for a Estate Agent CV

  • Personal details
  • Professional summary or objective
  • Work experience
  • Education and qualifications
  • Skills
  • Awards and achievements
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Additional sections for a Estate Agent CV

  • Professional Development
  • Certifications/Licenses
  • Volunteer work or community involvement
  • Language skills
  • Hobbies and interests (only if relevant)
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Top bullet points for your Estate Agent CV

  • Successfully listed and sold 20+ properties resulting in a 45% increase in revenue.
  • Implemented a social media strategy that generated 50+ leads per month.
  • Leveraged marketing skills to create property ads resulting in a 25% increase in web traffic.
  • Successfully closed 85% of all leads obtained from open houses and tours.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with 100+ clients resulting in a 90% retention rate.
  • Collaborated with interdepartmental teams to implement and maintain CRM systems for 500+ clients.
  • Negotiated deals with suppliers resulting in a 15% decrease in expenses.
  • Managed multiple rental properties resulting in 100% occupancy rate and satisfied tenants.
  • Utilised exceptional customer service skills to develop client loyalty and increase referrals.
  • Developed and delivered high-quality property tours resulting in 95% client satisfaction rate.
  • Effectively dealt with difficult clients and resolved their issues resulting in positive reviews and referrals.
  • Consistently met and exceeded monthly sales targets resulting in increased commissions.
  • Created and maintained a strong network of professionals in the real estate industry resulting in successful partnerships and deals.
  • Utilised analytical skills to research and present market trends and data for clients resulting in successful decision-making.
  • Implemented and managed scheduling and other administrative tasks resulting in increased office efficiency.
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When it comes to listing work experience on your CV, always be sure to include quantifiable achievements, special skills, and notable accomplishments.

Estate Agent Skills for Your CV

It is crucial to highlight both hard and soft skills when creating a standout estate agent CV. Here are some tips to help:

Customer Service
Effectively handled inquiries, complaints, returns, and exchanges from 50+ clients daily, resulting in a 90% positive feedback rate and frequent repeat business.
Leadership and Teamwork
Mentored and supervised a team of 5 junior agents, providing guidance, constructive feedback, and training resulting in a 35% increase in their productivity and sales.
Creative Problem-Solving
Successfully resolved a complex issue of property ownership and title disputes, resulting in a profitable deal and satisfied clients.
CRM software proficiency
Zoho CRM
Social media marketing
Digital marketing
Google Ads
Google Analytics
Microsoft Office Suite
Property management software
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Top hard skills or technologies on your CV for a Estate Agent job

  • Real estate industry regulations and laws
  • Customer service and communication
  • Social media and digital marketing
  • Property valuations and appraisals
  • Financial and legal knowledge
  • Deal closing and negotiation
  • CRM software and data analysis
  • Appointment scheduling and time management
  • Sales and business development
  • Photoshop or other image editing software
  • Microsoft Office
  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Property staging and photography
  • Property management software
  • Knowledge of relevant sales platforms, such as Rightmove, Zoopla, and others
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Top soft skills on your CV for a Estate Agent job

  • Active listening and understanding client needs
  • Leadership and team coordination
  • Creativity and problem-solving
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm
  • Time management and prioritisation
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Critical thinking and decision-making
  • Self-motivation and initiative
  • Results-driven and goal-oriented
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Strong work ethic and responsible attitude
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To showcase soft skills on your CV, use action verbs and give specific examples of how you've used these skills in a work environment.

Estate Agent CV Summary Examples and Tips

Your Estate Agent CV summary should be a brief, yet captivating introduction to your professional experience and skills. Here are some tips and examples:

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Top summaries for your Estate Agent CV

  • A highly skilled and experienced estate agent with a proven track record of listing, selling, and leasing properties across London and the UK.
  • An ambitious and knowledgeable estate agent specialising in commercial real estate and providing end-to-end services to clients in the industrial and hospitality sectors.
  • A results-driven and customer-focused estate agent with excellent communication and negotiation skills, able to continuously exceed sales targets and build long-term partnerships with clients and colleagues.
  • An adaptable and creative estate agent with a diverse background in residential and commercial real estate, skilled in leveraging social media and digital marketing to generate leads and promote properties to a wider audience.
  • An enthusiastic and detail-oriented estate agent with a passion for property management and investment, able to provide comprehensive advice and support to clients on all aspects of property transactions and development.
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When writing your CV summary, carefully read the job requirements and tailor your summary to match them. Use power words and action verbs to make your summary stand out and grab the reader's attention.

Specific Tips on How to Make Your Estate Agent CV Stand Out

  • Showcase your unique selling points (USPs), such as your experience with luxury properties, your knowledge of a specific area, or your language skills.
  • Provide concrete examples of how you've used your skills and expertise to close deals and satisfy clients.
  • Include references and testimonials from satisfied clients or industry professionals.
  • Use a clean and professional design that is easy to read and highlights your strengths.
  • Pay attention to grammar and spelling errors, as they can negatively impact your credibility and professionalism.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Estate Agent CVs:


How important is work experience in a estate agent CV?


Work experience is crucial in a estate agent CV, as it demonstrates your industry knowledge, skills, and achievements. Be sure to include specific details and results of your work experience, and relate it to the job you're applying for.


Should I include my academic qualifications on my estate agent CV?


Yes, you should include your academic qualifications on your estate agent CV, including any relevant degrees, certifications, or licenses. Be sure to highlight any courses or diplomas that are directly related to estate agency.


What types of skills are essential for a estate agent CV?


Essential skills for a estate agent CV include customer service, communication, negotiation, marketing, sales, and problem-solving. Be sure to tailor your skills to the job you're applying for, and provide specific examples of how you've used these skills in your work experience.