How long does it take to find a job?

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Evaluate the goals of your job hunt and learn:

How much time will it take you to find a new position?

What can you do to shorten that time and improve your chances?

How can your resume speed up your job search?

About the quiz

We can't tell you what's the right next job for you, but we can tell you how much time getting it will take.

The calculator takes into account the different goals of your job hunt, as well as your background and experience to help you plan your search.

Complete this short questionnaire and learn how long your job hunt will be!

What the team says

We took into account all the different reasons for a person to change their job. Some case may be your typical move to a related more senior role, while others might require a more complex move into a new industry or geographic region.

No matter the reason you’re changing your job for, the important bit is to have realistic expectations and plan accordingly.

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