How Enhancv Executive
helped Jenica
get her dream job

How Enhancv Executive
helped Jenica
get her dream job

Switching careers, entering a new industry, and getting a higher compensation package? More than possible with Enhancv Executive

As an assistant professor turned higher-ed administrator, I was burnt out with my full-time job & found the job search & application process in a new industry incredibly daunting. I was initially impressed by Enhancv's resume templates which provided tangible examples of how I might turn my academic CV into meaningful experience & skills that speak to the tech industry; however, I signed up for Enhancv Executive service after realizing I was losing hope in the prospect of being a qualified candidate for jobs that were being taken down as quickly as they were posting.

I needed help acting on job openings as quickly as possible.

I realized I made the right decision when a few hours after signing up, Paul reached out & with an understanding of the urgency, scheduled our first meeting for the next day.

From there, I couldn't believe the comprehensive services Paul, Noam, Volen & the rest of the Enhancv team provided throughout the application, interview & salary negotiation process.

Their industry & market expertise, combined with effective teaching methods & coaching strategies provided expert advice on demand.

There is no doubt in my mind that without their support & encouragement, I would still be working as a dedicated undervalued contributor.

Enhancv Executive has changed my life: One week & four interviews later, I will be making 150% more.

I am excited for the future now that I feel qualified & have been emboldened for the adventure in tech. I am grateful for my Enhancv coaches, allies & advocates - I am lucky that as a product of the work, their team has become wonderful friends. Without the services & skills they so readily share, I would not be where I am today.

Paul helped me realize I had made the right decision in choosing Enhancv’s Executive services within hours of signing up. As an Assistant Professor of English turned Higher-Ed Administrator, I was leery about resume & cover letter writing/revision services that any company provides; however, Paul’s expert understanding of recruiting & hiring strategies, as well as the strengths & weaknesses of applicant tracking systems, left me taking pages of notes during our 1x1 sessions.

Paul understands the big picture & knows which details are most significant in a way that allows you to understand how to define your brand or make your mark: he provided encouraging yet critical feedback for my resume & completely revitalized my LinkedIn page. He knew exactly where to put the most important information & was able to help refine the “less is more” focus that transformed my experience & skill set for an audience in a new industry.

Don’t take only our word for it.
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