Are You Unhappy at Work?

Completion time: 5 minutes
Suitable for Job Seekers
Evaluate your attitude towards work and learn:

Are you chronically unhappy or is it just a phase?

What’s the specific reason for your low motivation?

Why are you stressed and anxious all the time?

About the quiz

It’s simply not possible to be perfectly happy with your life. But if you catch yourself low on motivation and joy for a long period of time, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your relationship to work.

Using this quiz you’ll uncover the reasons behind your unhappiness - along with some great advice on what steps to take.

What the team says

In our line of work, we often talk to people who are unhappy at work. It’s sometimes difficult to find out why that is. Often, when we feel stressed or unmotivated, we are not even sure why that is.

We drafted this quiz to help you find the reason why you’re unhappy at work - and what to do about it.

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