Should you stay or quit your job?

Completion time: 3 min.
Evaluate your current job with our quiz and learn:

What are your main drivers for a potential career change?

Are there big red flags in your relationship with work?

Should you change employers or look for a promotion?

About the quiz

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a stubborn colleague, a manager you don’t see eye to eye with, a challenging project - or lack of one amidst a sea of monotonous work.

It’s common to feel you’re ready to move on and change your job - but there’s often doubt involved. Is this a phase in the relationship with your work or really the break-up point?

We developed this quiz to help you evaluate your current job from several different angles and uncover if there’s a reason to be setting your eyes in a new direction.

What the team says

While researching the topic, it was instrumental that we got input from experienced career specialists.

They helped us formulate the questions better and make sure the decision of leaving a job is based on fundamental differences in values, motivation, style of work - not just an emotional judgement.

We also took the middle ground and looked at promotions or changing teams as a viable middle ground when thinking about quitting your job.

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