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A Resume to Kickstart a Career Change

Steffany shows how a resume that's designed to move you into a new career can have impact. She lays out her background in medicine while also making a compelling case for how and why she's taking her career to business and entrepreneurship. Add in volunteering and plenty of personality and you can see why her business school loved it.

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Why Steffany’s Career Change Resume Works

So what’s the formula that makes a resume effective when you’re changing careers? Steffany’s example shows some key elements.

  • Step 1: It explains the career change in an effective objective statement

    This is important because that statement creates a context for the rest of the resume content. Steffany clearly explains what her goal is, and how her past experience has brought her to this new career path. It’s clear, concise, and tells an effective story.

  • Step 2: It goes beyond “volunteer” experience into “global impact”

    Plenty of resumes have a small section explaining volunteer experience. But Steffany frames her work differently, focusing not on what she did but on what impact it had on the world. This both expands the kind of activities that fit into the section and shows that her priorities are the people she’s helping and not herself.

  • Step 3: It paints a full picture of Steffany as a person with her achievements

    Through the whole resume, you get a feel for not just what Steffany has accomplished but what her values are. The achievements section in particular puts the spotlight on what she considers important in life. This creates insights into her career change and where she, as an employee, might find job satisfaction.

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