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A Resume that goes From Customer Service to Sales

Mel's resume starts at Escape the City to tell the story of her rapid progression and the results she's delivered in just 3 years. Transitioning from Happiness Officer to a Team Leader her resume is that of a classic startup story, wearing many hats and working on cross-functional projects to help people change careers.

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Happiness Officer, Chief Connections Officer, Head of Partnerships & Sales, Senior Connections Manager
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Why Melanie’s Sales and Customer Service Resume Works

Obviously most sales resume examples are going to be heavy on numbers and results. But the added impact comes from combining that with a compelling story. Mel’s resume does just that.

  • Step 1: It shows her advancement within a single company

    While frequently switching jobs can signal negative things for some, Mel’s resume tells a different story. By showing her evolving role and increasing responsibilities within a single company, it shows her adaptability and value within that company.

  • Step 2: It balances the personal and professional

    Quotes scattered throughout the resume show how Mel is perceived by her colleagues while her personal interests show a slew of passions. All of this speaks volumes to a potential employer. They see a healthy, well rounded person who gets along with their colleagues.

  • Step 3: It shows concrete results

    Again, it’s possible that someone sees Mel’s roles within a single company as evidence of someone struggling to find their place. But the concrete results in her resume make it clear that’s not the case. They demonstrate the impact she’s had in each role and why her company has consistently placed her in more important roles.

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