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A Product Manager Resume with Energy and Results

From winning awards for her positivity to actively implementing new productivity-boosting processes across businesses, Hillary's product manager resume is full of concrete results. She doesn't have to simply say that she's proactive and efficient, that fact is clear in nearly every role she's had.

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Clinical Research Assistant, Program Manager, Sustainable Strategy Consultant, Internal Product Manager
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Why Hillary’s Product Manager Resume Works

Just what distinguishes a mediocre product manager resume from a truly great one? Hillary’s example shows three key things that gets her message across.

  • Step 1: It exudes positive energy

    One of the great benefits of creating a creative resume with personality is that it can give you a real feeling for the person. Hillary is a great example. From her summary to her awards and passions, nearly every section makes it clear that she’s a positive impact-driven person who wants to improve the world.

  • Step 2: It shows results

    Personality will only get you so far, but Hillary is an example of a product manager resume that shows concrete results. It’s full of retention rates, enrollment numbers, hours of time saved, etc. Between these numbers, it’s clear that Hillary’s positive attitude and proactive nature bring value in every role.

  • Step 3: It showcases a larger mission

    Many of the things Hillary chooses to highlight on her resume are about others. She talks about empowering global teams, empowering women, empowering students, and more. This shows her being an effective team player.

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