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Eric's resume starts with his dream job at Disney. From there, he’s moved up by throwing himself into each role, from website development to brand building. What it all adds up to is a marketing executive resume example that really stands out. From data driven results to raw enthusiasm, Eric’s attitude towards work and life really shines through.

Eric Weissmann's resume preview

Why Eric’s Marketing Executive Resume Works

What exactly distinguishes Eric’s resume from any other? It comes down to a personal touch. He starts with the kind of hard numbers you’d expect from an executive resume, but when he injects his personality it really creates a resume example that stands out.

  • Step 1: It’s specific

    With sections like “a day in the life”, Eric gets into granular detail about how he spends his days. This creates a sense of his priorities, energy, and how he handles the enormous responsibilities of his marketing executive position. Ultimately, that specificity makes his resume that much more memorable.

  • Step 2: It tells stories

    In his Most Proud of section, Eric tells several stories about situations in which he was challenged and ultimately succeeded. In each of these stories, the reader learns something important about Eric’s style of work and determination.

  • Step 3: It has personality

    What that specificity and those stories all add up to is a resume with some serious personality. In just two pages, you get a real feel for Eric’s boundless energy and enthusiasm for his work. Ultimately, this is the kind of thing that a typical marketing executive resume example just doesn’t have to offer. Data and accomplishments are an important ingredient to this successful resume, but it’s personality that really makes it shine.

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