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One of the hardest parts of working in e-commerce is getting your foot-in-the-door and convincing an employer you can bring results. This can be even more challenging when transitioning into the field from another industry (in this case, a successful music career). Paula navigated this change with ease and utilised transferable skills to her advantage when getting hired at Cykelkraft - the largest online bicycle store in Scandinavia. Her resume shows us all how you can manage the risks of a career change along with your family life. Now, Paula blends her marketing skills in with her competitive nature to reach all the goals on the horizon. See how Paula used her resume to start those conversations and prove she was fit for a job in e-commerce with her resume below.

Paula Lobos's resume preview

Meet Paula

Paula has had a very unconventional journey’s into e-commerce and online marketing - not everyone can say they opened for Lady Gaga in 2009. After 15 years of running an independent music label, Paula learned ”to be dare to try things you have never tried,and to put yourself first”. Had you told Paula that meant she’d be going back to school at 43, she would have never believed you. But it was a dare that paid off. Studying at the IHM Business School allowed her to build on the skills she had developed as an independent artist in marketing and branding. Focused on new ventures, Paula was determined to make waves in the e-commerce industry - and that’s what she did.

  • What makes Paula’s e-commerce resume effective

  • 1. It shows versatility

    Working in e-commerce means having to adapt to changes and trends at a fast pace. At the core of the field is the need to constantly trying new things and not being afraid to fail. With these challenges comes a need to be flexible. Paula acknowledges this need in her resume and demonstrates to the recruiter that she is ready for any hurdle that may come her way. To be versatile means being well - rounded.Paula speaks on her certificates in Google Analytics and Excel to paint the picture of a "complete" employee.Her fluency in three languages and understanding of a fourth shows the employer that Paula is equipped to deal with customers from all walks of life.Without a doubt, her versatility is emphasised most by her history as an artist.Not everyone can build a label, market a personal brand, and be successful in doing that too.This proves to the recruiter that no matter what challenge lies ahead, Paula has the skills and experience to take it on head - first.

  • 2. It’s purposeful

    Recruiters are looking for employees who understand the demands of their role. Vague resumes designed to apply to as many roles as possible will cost you opportunities. Paula avoids this mistake by tailoring her resume specifically to the role at Cykelkraft. Her strengths of being open - minded and positive are exactly what’ s needed when maintaining and increasing sales in the online market.More than that, Paula’ s industry expertise in SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, and E - commerce positions her perfectly for the role of online marketing coordinator.Speaking on her time spent in IHM studying e - commerce solidifies that not only has Paula taken the time to learn about the sector in her own experience, but she’ s gone to experts to improve that knowledge.

  • 3. It’s evidence-based

    No matter what field you’re in, you need to show the recruiter you can affect the bottom-line. Anyone can fill a position, but the right candidate will conquer a position. Describing experience that demonstrates your ability in a measured way is the way to show your ability to conquer. Paula includes a reference from a former employer at E37 System, where she worked as an e - commerce manager intern.She also mentions how she increased sales for Reko Barn by 150 % in one year as a e - commerce consultant.This way, the employer has a reliable source confirming all the abilities and skills mentioned in her resume and has a concrete metric to measure the impact she would have on Cykelkraft’ s success.

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