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An Industrial Engineer Resume Shows Dedication

Akshay is nothing if not ambitious. As a recent college graduate, his resume still shows passion, dedication, and impact. He hasn’t just studied industrial engineering, he demonstrates applied real-world examples of his education. The results speak for themselves, as his Enhancv resume landed Akshay an internship at Tesla.

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College Student, Production Control Engineering Intern, Operations and Supply Chain Management Intern, Research Assistant
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Why Akshay’s Industrial Engineering Resume Works

How does his resume balance the experience of a recent college graduate with the need to show dedication to his future industrial engineering career?

  • Step 1: It shows impact when possible

    Most resume advice talks about avoiding describing your responsibilities and instead focusing on your accomplishments. That’s great advice, but for the resume of a recent college graduate resume with mostly internships, that’s going to be difficult. Akshay balances it by showing impact when he can.

  • Step 2: It leaves out less important details

    Many college graduate resumes will continue to load up on high school accomplishments. But most employers are more interested in what you’ve accomplished during your college years. Akshay wisely focuses on these accomplishments and the result is a very impactful resume.

  • Step 3: It shows both projects and experience

    If, like most college graduates, you don’t have a ton of experience to put on your resume, this is a great way to go into more detail on work you have done. Whether your projects were within jobs you’ve done or outside, this section is a flexible way to include more impactful details on your resume.

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