2020's Guide to Treasury Analyst Resume Skills

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How to describe your Treasury Analyst resume skills

  • SAP
  • Excel
  • Leading Without Authority
  • Thought Leadership
  • Microsoft Office
  • Tableau
  • Access

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How to use SAP in your treasury analyst resume:

*Travel experience abroad to Sao Paulo for 6 months to learn and then held in Uruguay the treasury activities for Brasil. *Responsible for the daily cash flow of the three products of the company (crop, seeds and nutrade). *Daily accountancy and reclassification of bank movements. *Daily derivatives reports, accountancy. *Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports of financial applications and rescues. *Requirements, payments, procedure and accountancy of loans with headquarters. *Record and report of exchange rates. *Daily Report of Management Cash for the implementation of decisions. *Daily account balance report, collections, applications and financial rescues. *Participation in project Platform 17 (closure and absorption of one of the companies). * Accounting registration in SAP system of all bank movements (commissions, derivatives, loans, transfers, rescues, investments, applications, etc). * Monthly Sox controls * Support for Mexico activities in vacancy opportunity.

How to use Excel in your treasury analyst resume:

Administer practical orientation, training and mentoring of new staff members to ensure accuracy and excellence in the workflow process.

How to use Thought Leadership in your treasury analyst resume:

Regularly created ESG thought leadership, and represented Starbucks at industry conferences on the topic of ESG investing and ESG product strategy.

How to use Tableau in your treasury analyst resume:

Used Tableau and Microsoft BI to present strategic initiatives and project results to to C level management

How to use Access in your treasury analyst resume:

Created a multi-input treasury analysis and risk management tool, improving data access, granularity, and performance analysis.

How to use Power BI in your treasury analyst resume:

Financial dashboard in Power BI.

How to use Treasury in your treasury analyst resume:

*Responsible for the implementation of the information and its respective upload in the SSC Montevideo. *Daily analysis of all the bank accounts in Brasil, Argentina, Ecuador, Perú, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica y Colombia, México, Bolivia, Guatemala. *Daily compensation and registration of all the movements that compose the account balance. *Daily Bank accounts conciliations. *Responsible of providing the information about the flow of funds for the possible realization of the activities related with order to cash and purchase to pay. *Registration of commissions and bank interests affecting or that have impact on the final balance of the company. *Registration of daily movements in foreign currency. *Responsible of the reports regarding differences in the bank accounts. * Responsible of the reports regarding any problems in the daily flow of the treasury system. *Responsible for the report KPI. *Participation in meetings for the implementation of improvements in the treasury department regarding bank accounts and bank projects. *Responsible of project GPS (Project to improve the automatization of the bank statements). *Responsible of the Project of Autobank (tool that allows the compensation and automatic accountancy of the daily movements through specific filters). *Documentation Owner of the Project FRC (Project regarding the safety and importance of the Company information).

Here’s how to include skills for Treasury Analyst resume

Microsoft Office SuiteGoogle G SuiteOracleQuickBooksPioneerRXMeditech EHRWindowsMacOS
ESG & Impact InvestingLeading Without AuthorityInfluencing Cross FunctionallyProduct & Customer StrategyThought LeadershipEntrepreneurialFinance for Social GoodBloomberg/Reuters
Commercial Banking Income TaxCommercial InsuranceTreasuryGoods and Services TaxSAP
Power BICitrixHFMSAPMySQLAccessExcel (advanced)PowerpointJAVAPythonMatplotLibSeabornPandasNumPyScikit-LearnVBATM1
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