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Remarkable Training Skills: How to Put “I Trained a Team” on My Resume

Here are the top ways to show your training skills on your resume. Find out relevant training keywords and phrases and build your resume today.

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What is training?

Training is teaching or developing in oneself or others any skills, knowledge or fitness. It has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity, and performance. People who own the required training skill set are usually real leaders. They inspire others to become the best versions of themselves.

Almost every professional field requires specialists whose job is to share their experience with newbies. Thus, it's essential to prove to recruiters that you are a responsible individual that could manage tasks and lead people.

Why is training important on your resume?

There are a lot of reasons why you should put training skills in your resume. Let's start with the fact that they tell a lot about you as a professional. Training a team reveals that you have all the qualities of a leader. Thus, you have a higher chance to get promoted or work on more challenging and well-paid projects in the future.

A good leader should also be a great person. People will always believe in someone who is friendly, reliable and compassionate. This fact is the reason why mentors inspire teams not only with professionalism but with attractive personalities.

Training skills also prove that you know how to communicate your ideas. They reveal that you might be an electrifying public speaker, which indicates the ability to grab attention. It also provides evidence that you could influence the masses with your opinion. This fact makes you valuable for every company.

Furthermore, training a team is also a sign that you have deep experience in a specific field. Therefore, you are a trustworthy individual that can meet expectations and reach goals.

How can you convince the recruiter that you have remarkable training skills? Let’s see the following examples.

Skills & activities that help you show remarkable training skills

These are the most valuable skills that indicate that you have the required training skills for any position:

  • Public speaking: you should inspire and create an impact while speaking. This skill requires good communication, accessible language, and influential life philosophy. Express your beliefs in a way others would accept them and follow you.
  • Organization, management & reliability: if you lead a huge team, you get used to organizing events and managing activities. Thus, the recruiter could believe in your professional skills.
  • Leadership and goal-setting: being a good leader means being responsible, managing activities adequately and having a clear vision about what you do. You should resonate with the team and have a common, reasonable goal. One of the most important tasks of the leader is to unite people around a common cause.
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How to demonstrate remarkable training skills on your resume:

  1. Explain a challenging situation while training a team in your previous experience
  2. Describe how you handled a conflict that occurred in your team
  3. Explain how you make people believe in your idea/your cause
  4. Provide evidence of positive feedback from your team about your leadership
  5. Provide examples of your accomplishments while leading a team

Remember that you should prove your training skills by showing your specific experience and results. Mentioning trivial and general facts like I trained large teams won’t work. Let's analyze the following resume snippets together.

Example 1: Experience bullet points

HR Manager applying for the role of Senior HR Manager

Human Resources Manager
Lehi, UT
BambooHR is the leading software provider powering the strategic evolution of HR in small and medium businesses.
  • Coordinated and delivered 2 innovative programs, resulting in 40% in employee satisfaction
  • Managed 3 teams with 5 employees each in the Human Resources department
  • Trained, mentored and supervised 20 product designers
  • Administered payroll, company benefits packages and events
  • Handled interdepartmental conflicts
  • Led the recruitment process for over 80 full-time hires

This candidate has eight years of experience in this company. They proved themselves as reliable professionals that coordinated and delivered innovative programs. These results indicate SMART goal-setting and strategic thinking.

They trained employees and managed three teams, which is a clear sign of their deep experience in the field. Furthermore, the candidate was in the lead of the recruitment process and handled interdepartmental conflicts. Thus, they affirmed their professional status as leaders and mediators.

Take notes and provide evidence that you have remarkable training skills. Use action verbs that radiate confidence and professionalism. Be specific and let the numbers and results speak for you.

Example 2: Resume summary

Teacher Trainer applying for the position of Education Assistant

Teacher Trainer with ten years of experience in the Educational system. In 2019, I won the ''Trainer of the Year Award'' for training over 1000 successful teachers in 25 countries.

This employee was given such a prestigious award for a reason. They mentioned remarkable numbers describing their remarkable training skills.

Be specific and affirm your position in the industry! Do not hesitate to list examples of your training experience. Maybe you didn’t win an award, but you should definitely present the best version of yourself.

Example 3: Key achievements

Team Leader applying for the role of Assistant Manager

Innovative ideas
Introduced a new type of tracking report assessing metrics such as innovative ideas and strategical thinking. They led to better management of the tasks between the employees and better overall performance.
Recognized training skills
Trained and mentored the 3 out of 5 most successful teams in my department. I was praised by the COO of the company.
Diligent work
Under my guidance, the company reached the highest rate of 99,9% shipped orders. This achievement resulted in more sales and remarkable brand awareness.

In this example, the candidate provides evidence that they introduced innovation, led teams successfully, and reached their goals. Their actions are supported with professionalism and strong work ethics.

Use the Achievement Section of your resume to say what you are most proud of in your professional career. Describe how your creative thinking, leadership, and diligent work changed the company's culture or performance in the market. Thus, you prove to the recruiters that you have solid experience in training teams and serious intentions toward the position they offer.

Example 4: & Life Philosophy & Passions

The Resume of an Executive Coach

My Life Philosophy
If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
Fred DeVito

The Life Philosophy Section provides a unique opportunity to separate yourself from the competition. It shows that you are an individual with a strong position in life. Recruiters might acknowledge your way of thinking and choose you as the best fit for the job.

Prove that you have remarkable training skills and employees are likely to follow you. Use an inspiring quote that perfectly describes you as a natural-born leader or manager.


The candidate mentions that one of their passions is storytelling. This statement means that they're capable of catching others' attention and guiding them towards common goals.

Use the Passions sections wisely and tell facts that serve your training skills. For example, you could write down public speaking or another form of communicating ideas. These skills present you as a mentor who knows how to speak in an accessible language and manage large teams.

Training Skills: Key Takeaways for Your Resume

  • Use words wisely: use active verbs to emphasize your accomplishments and deep experience. Thus, you clarify your contribution to the company.
  • Stand out as a leader: let recruiters know that you inspire your teammates with words and they will always follow you.
  • Show your impact: prove that other employees believe in what you do. This way, you affirm your influence and have a chance to be promoted.
  • Goals and management: Show that you have experience in managing tasks and reaching goals. Every employer wants to see results, not empty words.

About this report:

Data reflects analysis made on over 1M resume profiles and examples over the last 2 years from Enhancv.com.

While those skills are most commonly met on resumes, you should only use them as inspiration and customize your resume for the given job.

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