Top Teens Resume Skills in 2020 [Manual]

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How to describe your Teens resume skills

  • C#
  • Network Planning
  • EPC
  • UML
  • Spark
  • Pig
  • Hive

Here’s how to include skills for Teens resume

How to use R in your teens resume:

Psihološka podrška djeci s poteškoćama u razvoju uz primjenu tehnika iz terapije igrom

How to use C in your teens resume:

Radionice ("Prevencija ovisnosti", "Stereotipi i predrasude", "Kako uspješno učiti?", "Prevencija nasilja u školama", "Komunikacija"...)

How to use SAP in your teens resume:

Credencialización de personal de ingreso mediante ERP SAP.

How to feature Teens resume skills

OrganiziranostTimski radKomunikativnost PrilagodljivostSPSSMicrosoft OfficeInternetVozačka dozvola B kategorije
Programming skills
JavaScriptAngular HTML5CSS3Java C#CNode.jsTypeScript
Data Analytics and Cloud Technologies
SPSS ModelerRSQLNoSQLCloudantBluemix WatsonMapReduceHivePigSpark
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