Must-Have Resume Skills for Student Worker

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Here’s how to include skills for Student Worker resume

  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Google Analytics
  • Wordpress
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Excel

How to feature Student Worker resume skills

How to use SEO in your student worker resume:

Marketing, incl. social media communication, SEO and press releases

How to use Social Media in your student worker resume:

Recruitment of new panelists via newsletters and social media

How to use Excel in your student worker resume:

In this internship I redesigned the firms stock locations and developed an planning application in Excel

How to use CSS in your student worker resume:

Did basic web design tasks for eBooks and website (XHTML and CSS).

How to use Tableau in your student worker resume:

Building a Big Data reporting pipeline using python, Apache Spark and Tableau, leveraging financial aid data to produce intelligent reports.

How to use SQL in your student worker resume:

Negotiated financing and licensing terms for Microsoft Enterprise Agreement covering Office365, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and Windows Server.

How to use Adobe Indesign in your student worker resume:

Producing marketing material with Adobe Indesign, Powerpoint and Prez

How to describe your Student Worker resume skills

StrategyIdeationBusiness casingResearchAdobe IndesignAdobe IllustratorAdobe PhotoshopMS OfficeGoogle Drive Tools
ExcelAccessHTMLCSSTableauSQL SaasPeopleSoftJavaScriptOracleOutlookCustomer ServiceDetail OrientedTroubleshootingSlackMicrosoft OfficeZoom
Anaerobic MicrobiologyMolecular BiologyELISARaman SpectrometerMicropipettingBuchi Mini Spray DryerParticle Size AnalyserJANUSSolid-Phase ExtractionGeneral MicrobiologyGravimetric AnalysisWet Bench TechniquesWebsite Development
Nuclear & Chemistry Instrument
GM CounterSurveymeterUV VisXRF GunAASNaITl CounterHPGE Counter
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