2020's Guide to Security Analyst Resume Skills

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Here’s how to include skills for Security Analyst resume

  • Python
  • Linux
  • Wireshark
  • Splunk
  • Nessus
  • Metasploit
  • Kali Linux

What phrases to use in my Security Analyst resume skills

How to use Python in your security analyst resume:

Create Python script to automatically parse data from logs and PCAP to be feed into ELK

How to use Linux in your security analyst resume:

Conducted dynamic malware analysis using open source Linux OS and Windows Tools

How to use Wireshark in your security analyst resume:

Implemented netsec monitoring and documentation using Visio, Cacti, RRDtool, MRTG, wireshark, snort, nttcp, nmap and others

How to use Splunk in your security analyst resume:

Performed and maintained a multi-site, mult-network Splunk clustered infrastructure consisting of 48 indexers, 18 search heads, and over 40 Heavy Forwarders.

How to use Nessus in your security analyst resume:

Used Vulnerability scanning devices like Nessus, Qualys to scan the networks and Splunk for auditing purposes.

How to use Metasploit in your security analyst resume:

Utilize attack methodology to Identify and detail key vulnerabilities to demonstrate threat to organizational data and critical infrastructure - Nessus, NMAP, Metasploit, PowerShell Empire, BurpSuite, ReconNG, Shodan.

How to use Kali Linux in your security analyst resume:

Experience with working on Nessus, Metasploit Framework, Nexpose, Nmap, kali linux

Use our AI pre-written phrases to show off your Security Analyst skills for resume]

Certified Splunk ConsultantCertified Splunk Architect IICertified Splunk AdministratorCertified Splunk Power UserCASPSFCP v.5.3ECSACEHMCITPMCTSMCDSTMCPSecurity+Network+A+
Tools Expertise
HP TippingPointArcSight 6.9 ESMSourceFire v.5.3Splunk 5.xSplunk 6.xSplunk 7.xElasticSearchLogStashKibanaCentos 7Red Hat 6Red Hat 7WireSharkNetwitnessNetScoutPalo AltoNiksunNiksunNpulseDragon IDSSnort IDSBro IDS
Information SecurityMicrosoftLinuxBashRemediationProject ManagementNetworkPenetration TestingScriptingVulnerability AssessmentPython
Information Security and SDLC
Automation of Security ActivitiesThreat ModelingPenetration TestingCode ReviewSecurity Process EngineeringSecurity AutomationArchitecture and Design AnalysisSec-DevOpsSecure Software DevelopmentStatic AnalysisDynamic AnalysisSecurity Control DesignFortify SSAOpenSAMMBSIMMOSSTMMNISTITILDEVOPSOWASP ASVSAGILESecurity StrategyAWS
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