Top Skills to Put on Release Manager Resume in 2020

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Here’s how to include skills for Release Manager resume

  • JIRA
  • SQL
  • Confluence
  • Jenkins
  • Java
  • Python

What phrases to use in my Release Manager resume skills

How to use JIRA in your release manager resume:

Using JIRA for create test cases and tracking defects

How to use SQL in your release manager resume:

Experimented with HP ALM (QC) , JIRA , SOAP UI, Oracle SQL, Oracle SOA Suite

How to use Confluence in your release manager resume:

Collaborate with technical content management and develop curriculum for Writing 101 and Confluence workshops, leading quarterly trainings as documentation ambassador for the QA org.

How to use Jenkins in your release manager resume:

Migration de jenkins vers bitbucket et migration du système de gestion de branche git pour simplifier les processus et les déploiements.

How to use Java in your release manager resume:

Développement dans une architecture micro service support production(java, ruby, go, node)

How to use Python in your release manager resume:

Automated releases through Python scripts

How to use PRINCE2 in your release manager resume:

Using PRINCE2, Agile, and Lean Six Sigma methodologies to conduct root cause analysis, feasibility studies, and develop business cases

Use our AI pre-written phrases to show off your Release Manager skills for resume]

AWS cloudJenkinsBitbucketDockerMavenKubernetesAnsibleJavaRubyMongoNodeGitlabBashLinuxMacOsWindowsJIRAConfluenceSentrySpring bootDatadog
Transformational LeaderPositiveTeam spiritReliableLoyalService orientedRigorous
Transformational LeaderPositiveTeam spiritReliableActive listenerPersistentMentor spiritDiplomatic
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