2020's Guide to Qa Manager Resume Skills

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How to describe your Qa Manager resume skills

  • SQL
  • Java
  • Agile
  • JIRA
  • Selenium
  • Jira
  • Python

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How to use SQL in your qa manager resume:

Created a Power BI Dashboard for a nationwide esports tournament, tracking key metrics and KPIs for stakeholders including ticket sales. Data was pulled via SQL and a direct connection to the back end database.

How to use Java in your qa manager resume:

Wrote automated tests in Lotus Script and Java exercising APIs.

How to use Agile in your qa manager resume:

TEAM SIZE - Direct Reports - 3 - Indirect Reports - 4 (Agile testers via agile test lead) - Temporary reports - 8 (Project testers from Business)

How to use JIRA in your qa manager resume:

Led multiple QA teams, created bug reports in Excel and Jira, ran technical requirements testing, and participated in development meetings providing input and feedback on gameplay elements like narrative, level design and UI/UX.

How to use Selenium in your qa manager resume:

Written Selenium and Appium based hybrid framework using Java for web app and mobile app automation

How to use Jira in your qa manager resume:

During these positions I've developed different tasks and worn different hats from creation of test plans and test cases, automating back end and front end testing, worked directly with the engineering team, managing the automation team, worked with the VP of product gathering the requirements, and transcribing them to user stories in Jira

How to use Python in your qa manager resume:

Successfully designed and implemented testing framework with Python and Cucumber for a desktop based application

Here’s how to include skills for Qa Manager resume

JiraHPALMMS ProjectCobolMainframesSQLAldonPEGAMantishubAgileWaterfallLeadershipTeam ManagementInnovative StrategicalImplementor
Test PlanningTest ManagementAcceptance TestingRequirement AnalysisTest StrategyMobile Apps
Technologies & Tools
JavaSeleniumBDDSQLQuality CenterJIRA
MSProjectBugzillaJiraTestLinkVisioHP Quality Center
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