Professional Skills for Project Manager Resume - All-in-one Guide

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Here’s how to include skills for Project Manager resume

  • Python
  • SQL
  • Agile
  • Project Management
  • Excel
  • MS Project
  • C/C++

How to feature Project Manager resume skills

How to use Python in your project manager resume:

Developing of optimization algorithms and CPD (Calibration, Performance and Diagnostic) software for lithography systems using Shell scripting, C and Python

How to use SQL in your project manager resume:

Supported huge amount of RHEL servers and the MySQL clusters configured on them

How to use Agile in your project manager resume:

Ensure adherence to Lean & Agile practices and invoke methodologies such as Scrum & Kanban into the development process.

How to use Project Management in your project manager resume:

Managing and coordinating the project management policies and practices

How to use Excel in your project manager resume:

Work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment demonstrating teamwork, innovation and excellence.

How to use MS Project in your project manager resume:

Responsible for project planning, managing, and supervising tasks (MS Project)

How to use HTML in your project manager resume:

Platform & App Prototyping (HTML, JQM, Cordova)

How to describe your Project Manager resume skills

SAP Oracle PeoplesoftSiebelSQLACCPACMS ProjectExcelDoors
Just to mention a few
Mentor LeaderNegotiatorProblem SolverVisionaryIntegrity Communication SkillsEnthusiasmDelegatorEmpathyCompetenceTeam BuildingHandlePressure WellTime ManagementPassion
ScrumKanbanProjekt manažment pre ITPrice2Critical ChainRizikový manažmentPoučenie z projektuWBS
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