Top Skills to Put on Mysql Resume in 2020

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Here’s how to include skills for Mysql resume

  • MySQL
  • Python
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Git
  • Bootstrap
  • Linux

What phrases to use in my Mysql resume skills

How to use MySQL in your mysql resume:

Configuration d'Apache, MySQL, ProFTPd, Syslog-ng, scripting Perl

How to use Python in your mysql resume:

Automatisation du processus de provisionning de serveurs avec des scripts en Python et des programmes en Go

How to use HTML in your mysql resume:

Designed and developed a collaborative article blog using Angular5, Bootstarp4, HTML, CSS and Material Design

How to use PHP in your mysql resume:

I contributed a multi-million application for monitoring of all cargo ships in the world. On the client-side, We used JavaScript - ExtJS as a framework. On the server-side, We used PHP and MySQL in LAMP Environment.

How to use Git in your mysql resume:

Installation de l'infrastructure Gitlab sous haute-disponibilité, mise en place de bonnes pratiques Git

How to use Bootstrap in your mysql resume:

Upgradation of BEAMS from Ext Js to Bootstrap Framework including wireframing and development.

How to use Linux in your mysql resume:

Gestion d'une plate-forme de 300 serveurs sous Linux (RedHat et Suse)

How to feature Mysql resume skills

SQL 2000-2012T-SQL developmentDatamodelingIndexationQuery optimizationAdministrationConfigurationOracle
Other Developments
MS BI Tools
AndroidCC++JavaMySqlPythonR ProgrammingAndroid SDKHTMLAndroid Studio
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