Top Mechanical Engineer Resume Skills in 2020 [Manual]

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What phrases to use in my Mechanical Engineer resume skills

  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • Python
  • Matlab
  • Microsoft Office
  • Solidworks

How to feature Mechanical Engineer resume skills

How to use AutoCAD in your mechanical engineer resume:

2D drawings ( Autocad ) and 3D ( Inventor )

How to use SolidWorks in your mechanical engineer resume:

Created a Model of the arm in SolidWorks and ran comprehensive FEA Analysis using ANSYS Workbench.

How to use Python in your mechanical engineer resume:

Developed a Google Chrome bot in Python to optimize processes;

How to use MATLAB in your mechanical engineer resume:

Developed different parametric models of blade attachment (dovetail and fir-tree) in MATLAB, able to be passed to ANSYS APDL for further analysis.

How to use Matlab in your mechanical engineer resume:

Provide a tool in MATLAB for performing an automatic optimisation of the blade and disc attachment design.

How to use Solidworks in your mechanical engineer resume:

Effectively developed models, assemblies and drawings of custom tooling for various up-tower gearbox repairs using SOLIDWORKS.

How to use Excel in your mechanical engineer resume:

Developed and maintained a continuous record to monitor all tellers using Microsoft Access & Excel.

Here’s how to include skills for Mechanical Engineer resume

CPythonMATLabMinitabMicrosoft ApplicationsArduinoAutoCADSolidworksANSYSHAPAdobeBasic Machining
3D Modelling SW
Mimics inPrintSolidworksCatiaMeshLabOsirixNetFabb
AnsysAPDLWorkbenchnCode DesignLifeLabVIEWSiemens NXFEMFATSolidWorksAutoCADECCAIRSMS Office
You can also take a look at how to write a propermechanical engineer resume.

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