Professional Skills for Lawyer Resume - All-in-one Guide

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How to feature Lawyer resume skills

  • Excel
  • Word
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Office
  • Trello
  • MS Office
  • Leadership

What phrases to use in my Lawyer resume skills

How to use Excel in your lawyer resume:

Entered data, filed documents, made mortgage cost projections with Excel

How to use Word in your lawyer resume:

Learned and operated specialized legal software such as word, excel.

How to use Trello in your lawyer resume:

Boarding with JIRA, Trello, Gitlab;

How to use Leadership in your lawyer resume:

Leadership and people Management - Winner of the Professionals of the Year Award in People Development Category in 2016.

How to use Teamwork in your lawyer resume:

Always met client expectations while performing pricing and release contracts. Successfully completed over 75 projects with full satisfaction of clients. Have one of the highest end to end win rate in the team. Achieved important goals to learn independently business rules and regulations. Exceeded expectations by taking over extra tasks and duties such as helping for preparing contracts to other teams and shadowing for newcomers. Earned full trust of my management and teammates. Awarded for the honorable contribution and outstanding teamwork in 2016.

How to use Communication skills in your lawyer resume:

developed extensive attention to detail and communication skills from attending property settlements and drafting documents

How to use iOS in your lawyer resume:

Assisted clinical training of 4+ cohorts of first to fourth year medical students using simulation accident and emergency scenarios.

Here’s how to include skills for Lawyer resume

Strong presentation skillsCreativityLeadershipAdaptabilityEfficientOrganizationDecision MakingAnalytical Self-motivationLoyal and DiscreetResponsible
Ariba OracleSAPQlikViewDocuSign AdobeSign MS Office
TeamworkCommunicationProblem SolvingLeadershipAbility To Work Under PressureConfidenceHandled SkillsAnalytical ThinkingCreative ThinkingOpposite Thinking
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