Top Skills to Put on Junior Project Manager Resume in 2020

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How to describe your Junior Project Manager resume skills

  • Excel
  • Google Analytics
  • Photoshop
  • Confluence
  • Salesforce
  • MS Office
  • Jira

Here’s how to include skills for Junior Project Manager resume

How to use Excel in your junior project manager resume:

Proved excellent linguistic skills on 50+ different projects (many of which are AAA titles) of big franchises on various platforms from mobile apps, websites to gaming platforms; PC, handheld devices and consoles.

How to use Google Analytics in your junior project manager resume:

Performing ad-hoc analysis using Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics and SQL Server

How to use Photoshop in your junior project manager resume:

Created website pages using InDesign and Photoshop for a mobile network operator to align with wireframes on both mobile and tablet channels.

How to use Confluence in your junior project manager resume:

- International environment - Fluent product knowledge. - Oversee the entry-level support agents to further advance their knowledge of the product through vigorous training. - Handle manager escalations to solve users' most challenging cases. - Conducted "Personal Approach" training to increase the level of quality among agents. - Assist in the management of by responding to user's concerns, comments and questions. - Experience creating JIRAs and Confluence Pages. - Search for and assign transfers into our user's accounts using our internal systems and databases. - Know Your Customer (KYC) experience- examining passports and other sources of personal documents in order to verify potential users' identity to comply with internal and external regulations. - Financial Crime Compliance training from a leading expert in the field. - Collaborate with other teams across London and Moscow to tackle any users' issues. - Looking for ways to improve support tool's efficiency and increase the user's satisfaction. - Consistently ranked among one of the most productive support agents. - Successfully led a "queue monitoring project"

How to use Salesforce in your junior project manager resume:

Developed a marketing-to-sales funnel through use of Excel, Salesforce, and Pardot to improve the current e-mail marketing efforts.

How to use Jira in your junior project manager resume:

- Extensive knowledge about transfer processing. - Staying in contact with various processors and banks. - Creating and answering SWIFT messages. - Knowledge about processing systems such as SWIFT, SEPA, CHAPS, BACKS, FS. - In depth knowledge about SWIFT messaging system and various MT messages. - Co-operation with fincrime departments in regards to compliance related transfer issues. - Extensive knowledge of Jira (Issue & Project Tracking software). - Working with SQL environment, constructing basic to intermediate queries. - Resolving complex transfer related issues. - Working with huge amounts. - Advisory role in the customer support part of the office. - Part of '4 eyes review' project focused on monitoring assignments of transfers in the company.

How to use Word in your junior project manager resume:

Active usage of such tools as Jira, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Automizee, Mailchimp, Wordpress, Woodpacker, HotJar

What phrases to use in my Junior Project Manager resume skills

Project IntegrationRisk ManagementCost ManagementVendor ManagementScope ManagementAgile DeliverySchedule Management Stakeholder Requirement GatherCustomer Experience Business Process Mapping WaterfallPMO Governance AssuranceProject ReportingSoftware Development Life cycle
WordExcelPower PointWordPressPrestaShopMagento
TRELLO per la gestione task di team e progetti SLACK per la comunicazione internaPOWER POINT per la presentazione di progettiEXCEL per la redazione di budgetWORD per la redazione di documenti e preventivi GOOGLE TOOLS: Drive per la condivisione documenti
Windows 10 and 7 Project Management Deployment Data AnalysisMicrosoft Problem Solving
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