Top Skills to Put on Housekeeper Resume in 2020

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How to describe your Housekeeper resume skills

  • Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Word
  • Outlook
  • MS Office
  • C#
  • Powerpoint

How to feature Housekeeper resume skills

How to use Excel in your housekeeper resume:

Provided excellent customer service while on the selling floor, fitting room and front end.

How to use Opera in your housekeeper resume:

Provides support to the Executive Housekeeper in all areas of Housekeeping operation, such as staff training, coaching, counselings and also enforces to the hotels standard operating procedures.

How to use Windows in your housekeeper resume:

I maintain the overall cleanliness of the apartments, including, floors, windows, carpets, machinery, bathroom and kitchen. I do the dusting, mopping vacuuming and I have a good experience with cleaning supplies.

How to use excel in your housekeeper resume:

Provide excellent customer service to guests.

How to use OOP in your housekeeper resume:

Maintaining high standard of cleanliness, tidiness, cooperation and guest liaison within the Hotel Department

How to use Housekeeping in your housekeeper resume:

Supervised 1 to 6 floors (25 to 153 rooms) and managed 4 to 10 people. Guaranteed service quality and cleanliness of the rooms thanks to a work coordination with Front Office, Maintenance and Room service. Managed “crises” and responded to guests requests. Created a brochure to present the hotel’s standards. Evening manager on the weekends, opened the housekeeping department during the week.

How to use Cleaning in your housekeeper resume:

Responsible for cleaning the rooms ,handle lost & found items ,maintain par stock in the pantry , train associates .

Here’s how to include skills for Housekeeper resume

Housekeeping CleaningFilingSalesDisinfectingPolishing BuffingBacuumingMicrosoft office word
OperaTritonHotSoSRexMedalliaIJWSLotus NotesOutlookFourth
computer literacywork with moneydriving licenseteam playerwork under pressurepresentation skillsnegotiation skillsprioritizing taskslogical and math skills
responsibleloyalaccuratecommunicativecreativeactiveenergaticdisciplnedfocusedhighly motivatedleadership qualities
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