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Gis Skills: Example Usage on Resumes, Skill Set & Top Keywords in 2023

Here are the top ways to show your gis skills on your resume. Find out relevant gis keywords and phrases and build your resume today.

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GIS skills are necessary in helping bridge the gap towards digital transformation for virtually every company in the world today. If you’ve got them, feel free to flaunt them in your resume.

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How to use gis skills on your resume:

Research Intern
Company Description
  • Received promotion to GIS Department in less than 1 year of working as Fiber Engineer Tech 2.
  • Managed team of 15 vendor and contract employees
  • Briefed VPs weekly on account breaks 10m+
  • Saved 1k+ hours by developing ownership protocols for 35k+ accounts
  • Monitored 3500+ in-and-outbound communications per week, ensuring program and policy compliance
  • Generated 150 000 AUD total profit
  • Generated 20 leads for future development value about 3 million AUD
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gis fundamental skill set:

  • AutoCad
  • Topobase
  • SQL
  • VBA
  • .Net
  • LISP
  • Map Creation Software: ArcGIS, AcView, ArcIMS, etc
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • MS Access
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Pro tip

GIS skills are necessary in helping bridge the gap towards digital transformation for virtually every company in the world today. If you’ve got them, feel free to flaunt them in your resume.

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How do I list GIS skills on my resume

  • Standardized ownership protocols for 20k+ accounts, which saved the enterprise 2,000 hours
  • Created, translated, and integrated GIS data layers for standardized maps still used by the company
  • Led and trained a team of 30+ professionals, including new hires
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What jobs require GIS skills?

  • Research Intern
  • Engineering Intern
  • Software Developer
  • Project Development Engineer
  • Site Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Intern
  • Research Assistant
  • Beca En El Servicio De Informática
  • Engineering-architect Student Intern

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GIS skills courses and certificates:
certification image
GIS: Understand the Theory and Practice GIS in QGIS

Learn the theory of Geographic Information Systems, and get trained on making maps and analyzing spatial data in QGIS.

certification image
Introduction to web programming for GIS applications

Understanding web programming fundamentals focused on geospatial applications using Leaflet, Turf.js, and PostGIS

certification image
Using Open Source Tools to Create an Enterprise GIS

Create an enterprise GIS with Postgres SQL, QGIS, and PostGIS to manage users, and support multiple GIS software clients

certification image
Core Spatial Data Analysis: Introductory GIS with R and QGIS

Become Proficient In Spatial Data Analysis Using R & QGIS By Working On A Real Project - Get A Job In Spatial Data!

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Here are the top related skills to GIS:

GIS popularity over time:

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