20+ Resume Skills for Digital Strategy in 2020 [How To & Examples].

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How to describe your Digital Strategy resume skills

  • Google Analytics
  • Salesforce
  • SEO
  • CRM
  • Excel
  • Marketo
  • Python

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How to use Google Analytics in your digital strategy resume:

Using Google AdWords, DoubleClick, Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager and Bing Ad Centre for optimising campaigns.

How to use Salesforce in your digital strategy resume:

Member portal WordPress/Salesforce integration for the Center for Financial Service Innovation (CFSI)

How to use SEO in your digital strategy resume:

внесение правок по SEO рекомендациям на сайт, обновление информации, контроль работы сайта;

How to use CRM in your digital strategy resume:

Direct the online brand experience, customer acquisition and retention strategies for customers, club members and partners. Manage all facets of online marketing, including e-commerce, websites, email, social media, and CRM.

How to use Excel in your digital strategy resume:

Excelled in problem solving and was recognised as the Best problem-solver in the team in Q4 2015

How to use Python in your digital strategy resume:

Project manage & hire teams of multiple sizes depending on the strategies needed for the client. Manage design of websites (e.g. WebCMS, HTML, CSS, Flash), graphic media (e.g. Adobe CC), CRM usage (e.g. Salesforce, Hubspot, ODOO, Streak), software development (e.g. Javascript, Python, .Net, C++, Ruby), public relations & marketing.

How to use Business Strategy in your digital strategy resume:

Business strategy for Large scale SAFe, and enterprise architecture driven process re-engineering at global Oil and Gas major.

Here’s how to include skills for Digital Strategy resume

Adobe AdcouldSalesforce CRMFacebook Ads ManagerGoogle Marketing PlatformDV360Google Search Ads 360AdThenaKenshooCampanjaGoogle Data Studio
Time ManagementCommunicationDecision Making AdaptabilityData Analysis PlanningTeam Player
LeadershipCreative Problem SolverEntrepreneurial SpiritGlobal Team ManagementDriving Organizational ChangeGets-things-done approachDream-Team BuildingDigital NativeBusiness StrategyPublic Speaking
Marketing & Sales Expertise
B2B MarketingB2C MarketingDemand GenerationSaaS SalesField MarketingMarketing AutomationSEMSEOPerformance MarketingDigital advertisingBrandingInside SalesSaaS operationsCRM
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