Must-Have Resume Skills for Data Science

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What phrases to use in my Data Science resume skills

  • Python
  • SQL
  • R
  • Tableau
  • Machine Learning
  • Pandas
  • Git

How to describe your Data Science resume skills

How to use Python in your data science resume:

Automated the entire GSK ticketing process using a Python based Image recognition tool and presented to GSK leadership

How to use SQL in your data science resume:

Worked on large datasets through relational and nosql databases

How to use R in your data science resume:

Currently working on Sales, Revenue and Online Traffic dataset to create operational reports, identify patterns and predict future trends by applying Regression and Time Series techniques and visualize the results in R and Power BI

How to use Tableau in your data science resume:

Designed transformation flow and built Tableau dashboards to visualize key customer behaviour data for the business

How to use Machine Learning in your data science resume:

Apply Machine learning in digital Marketing

How to use Pandas in your data science resume:

Develop code using pandas to extend scope of predictive models for inductors to include as yet unprocessed data on capacitors

How to use Git in your data science resume:

Formulating management techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy and legitimacy of data.

Here’s how to include skills for Data Science resume

Demand side platformsSupply side platformsData management platformsGoogle Ad ManagerAd ServersJiraAWS RedshiftUserTestingAdobe PhotoshopBalsamiq
MLAIReverse EngineeringCrawlingPythonRPricingSales OpsFraudWeb FunnelReco
Machine Learning & Deep Learning
H2O.aiTensorFlowKerasGradient BoostingRandom ForestGLMsGenetic ProgrammingGenetic AlgorithmsHMMCross-validationANN ArchitecturesFeature SelectionGrid SearchConvolutional Neural Networks (CNN)Computer VisionNLPRecurrent Neural Networks (RNN)Sequence to Sequence (Seq2seq) architecturesTransfer LearningReinforcement Learning (Q-learning)Generative Adversarial Networks
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