Professional Skills for Data Science Intern Resume - All-in-one Guide

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What phrases to use in my Data Science Intern resume skills

  • Python
  • SQL
  • R
  • Tableau
  • Machine Learning
  • Java
  • Spark

How to describe your Data Science Intern resume skills

How to use Python in your data science intern resume:

Python scripting for consolidating different stages of the pipeline and for ‘one-click’ execution services

How to use SQL in your data science intern resume:

Maintained data Cleaning, sense checking, analysing historical raw data and getting insights using Python, SQL Queries, stored procedures and generating reports using Tableau

How to use R in your data science intern resume:

Develop code using pandas to extend scope of predictive models for inductors to include as yet unprocessed data on capacitors

How to use Tableau in your data science intern resume:

Build a real-time analytics dashboard using Tableau and D3.js that portrays the processed output.

How to use Machine Learning in your data science intern resume:

Worked on the project called "Predictive Storage analytics using Machine Learning".

How to use Java in your data science intern resume:

Taught Computer Organisation, JAVA, Computer Graphics subjects

How to use Spark in your data science intern resume:

Used Spark, Hive to build data pipelines for advanced analytics

How to feature Data Science Intern resume skills

Python 3.6SQLMachine LearningPredictive AnalysisExcelLinux
PythonDjango Rest FrameworkData ScienceElasticsearchDjangoDockerAndroidFirebase Real Time Storage
RstudioSQLSPSSExcelPythonTableauHTMLJSGoogle AnalyticsPowerBIQlikViewSisenseWekaH2OSparkHadoopAdobe AnalyticsStatisticsMathematics
Logical ReasoningCreative Critical ThinkingRational ApproachQuantitative AnalysisPeople's PersonExcellent CommunicationFast learner
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