Must-Have Resume Skills for Data Mining

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Here’s how to include skills for Data Mining resume

  • SQL
  • Python
  • HTML
  • Microsoft Office
  • Java
  • IoT
  • Growth Hacking

How to feature Data Mining resume skills

How to use SQL in your data mining resume:

Used SQL to do data cleaning and used python to implement clustering and Random Forest to evaluate the credit rantings of companies which applied for loans.

How to use Python in your data mining resume:

Used Python to do data quality analysis, and apply K-Means/DBSCAN model to classify merchants and discover the pattern of the merchant’s transaction behavior.

How to use HTML in your data mining resume:

Project manage & hire teams of multiple sizes depending on the strategies needed for the client. Manage design of websites (e.g. WebCMS, HTML, CSS, Flash), graphic media (e.g. Adobe CC), CRM usage (e.g. Salesforce, Hubspot, ODOO, Streak), software development (e.g. Javascript, Python, .Net, C++, Ruby), public relations & marketing.

How to use Facebook Ad Manager in your data mining resume:

Improved social media reach/impressions and domain web traffic from an average of 15,000/week to more than 2,000,000 per week across all campaigns (Google Adwords, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook Boosting, Facebook Ad Manager, Facebook Power Editor). Tripling (3x) social media platform followers in first six months.

How to use Digital Strategy in your data mining resume:

Leads CMO & CIO discussions for digital strategy formulation and digital transformation aimed at building advanced marketing analytics and marketing automation use cases.

How to use Social Voice in your data mining resume:

Led complete organizational rebranding, including social media, social voice and digital strategy; created luxury, prestige brand in order to offset company from competitors in highly-competitive real estate industry. - Company delivered highest volume of homes sold and revenue in it's history for 2016. - Delivered an average of more than 100% increase in bidders per property in 2016 over 2015.

How to use Content Curation in your data mining resume:

Directly work with Head of Marketing & CEO on strategy of the companies social media platforms to manage campaigns for sales, content curation & public relations. (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

How to describe your Data Mining resume skills

Data mining tools
PythonSQLMatlabLinuxLatexMachine Learning
Marketing & Data
Data StrategyData Fusion3rd Party Data PlatformsSegmentationMarketing AutomationAdobe XDMAdvanced Customer AnalyticsMarket Mix ModellingData MiningMachine LearningTargetMDM
Adobe AnalyticsAWSSnowflakeSpotfireSalesforce.comInformaticaTalendBig DataOracle
Software Skills
C++/C#PythonJavaScalaSQL PHPHTMLCSS Microsoft Excel
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