2020's Guide to Big Data Architect Resume Skills

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What phrases to use in my Big Data Architect resume skills

  • Tableau
  • Micro strategy
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Data Pipelines
  • Streaming
  • Batch Processing
  • AWS Redshift

Here’s how to include skills for Big Data Architect resume

How to use Data Pipelines in your big data architect resume:

Managing teams focused on developing high available, scalable data pipelines that can process data at peta byte scale.

How to use Streaming in your big data architect resume:

Delivered high performing streaming data solution with 300X improved performance for compliance product

How to use MySQL in your big data architect resume:

Designed and developed Analytical Compute Grid (ACG) product using Hadoop, Hive, Cassandra, HBase, PostgreSQL, Drools, MySQL, Presto and OpenStack.

How to use PostgreSQL in your big data architect resume:

Directed implementation of interactive analytic query engine using presto that can combine data across Cassandra, Hive and PostgreSQL

How to feature Big Data Architect resume skills

Cloud / Data Technologies
Big QueryHadoopRed ShiftSparkData ProcCassandraBig TablePrestoAirflowData flowGoogle Cloud PlatformAmazon Web ServicesNiFiTableauInformatica
CI/CD & Cloud Native Tools
KubernetesDockerJenkinsNexusArtifactoryCodacyCloud BuildJiraConfluence
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