Top Actuary Resume Skills in 2020 [Manual]

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Here’s how to include skills for Actuary resume

  • VBA
  • SAS
  • R
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Customer Value Propositions
  • Digital strategy

What phrases to use in my Actuary resume skills

How to use VBA in your actuary resume:

Assisted sales, link between front and back office, developed VBA tools etc.

How to use SAS in your actuary resume:

Developing an automatic reserve calculation program in SAS

How to use R in your actuary resume:

Co-Leader of Greenlight Re Innovations in charge of researching, identifying and building relationships with InsurTech startups

How to use SQL in your actuary resume:

Query based analytics sql, building modules of proprietary programs around them.

How to use Customer Value Propositions in your actuary resume:

Represent the bank in technical and management forums to ensure customer value propositions remain innovative, competitive and meet Treating Customers Fairly objectives, while still delivering required sustainable earnings growth.

How to use Excel in your actuary resume:

Developed a Visual Basic model in Excel to replace the existing program for pension valuations

How to use Pricing in your actuary resume:

Pricing of new and existing life and pensions products, reinsurance comparisons and competitiveness analysis and discussing the results and proposals with senior management.

Use our AI pre-written phrases to show off your Actuary skills for resume]

ExcelSQLPower BIResQTableauSharepoint@RiskDAXVBATigerEye
Life insurance executiveCustomer Value PropositionsDigital strategyDistribution channelsDeal execution & integrationOperations & regulatory changeIncome statement managementProduct governanceInvestment decision making
Python Programming
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