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Avery’s volunteer resume perfectly exemplifies how you can make a statement with your individuality and previous volunteering experience. In showcasing their achievements and using their resume to their advantage, Avery secured an amazing opportunity of volunteering abroad for six weeks.

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Meet Avery

Avery is a French—American student who found themselves yearning for a volunteering opportunity with impact. Coupled with their desire to find people that are “as much of a cultural mess” as they are, Avery utilised their resume to secure a dream volunteering opportunity in Indonesia. While working in the village’s coffee trade, Avery explored the deep culture of Indonesia and managed to forge friendships with people that will last a lifetime.

  • What Makes Avery’s Volunteer Resume Effective

  • 1. It Keeps The Audience in Mind

    With hundreds of volunteering opportunities out there, it’s important to remember the specificities of the organisation you’re applying through and the nuances of the project you’re hoping to get selected for. Avery made sure to highlight their previous experience with AIESEC to demonstrate their familiarity and in-depth knowledge of the organisation.

  • 2. It Has Identity

    To be effective, a volunteer application needs a strong personal element. This is especially true when applying for community-led volunteering opportunities. This doesn’t just mean having a picture, it means bringing your personality across and highlighting what makes you you, not just what you can do. Avery masterfully accomplishes this through speaking on their involvement in college LGBT societies and their journey as a French-American student.

  • 3. It’s Purposeful

    Not only should you keep the organisation in mind, but you should consider your purpose. What exactly are you hoping to do in your volunteering? What skills do you need to have to accomplish this? This is exactly what Avery did in highlighting their adaptability in new environments, this is a critical skill during volunteering opportunities that often rely on your ability to be a jack-of-all-trades.

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