The Ultimate 2019 Guide for Travel & Transportation Resume Examples [Expert samples from over 100,000 users]

Top 5 tactics to create the best travel & transportation resume:

From flight attendants to truck drivers, travel and transportation jobs require balancing customer service, logistics, and reliability to get the job done right. The resume challenge stems from these job elements. You have a lot of things you need to demonstrate in just a page or two. With that in mind, here are the key factors to a successful travel and transportation resume:
  • Make sure it’s the right length by only including things that fit the job description
  • Always create custom tailored resume for each job you’re applying for. It’s extra work, but it will substantially increase the chance you get hired.
  • Write your resume with the person who will read it in mind. Make sure everything you add is optimized to persuade them that you’re the right person for the job.
  • Whenever possible, show your skills and personality instead of simply telling the reader what they are.
  • Remember that companies care about who you are as a person because it affects your work. So be sure to show them your personality and passions too.
These 5 tips together make up the perfect recipe for a resume that will impress airlines and trucking companies alike. They show that you’re a hard worker who cares about the details. You can see what they look like in action by checking out the travel and transportation resume examples below.

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Best Travel and Transportation resume examples by users who got hired

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How to write a travel and transportation resume

Begin with the job, program, or grant description

Not doing this is one of the most common resume mistakes people make. Your resume doesn’t start with you, it starts with the job you’re using it to apply for. Send a message that you’re not all about yourself, rather that you consider the requirements of the job to be of the highest importance.
So begin by reading the job description very carefully and noting everything they’re looking for in a candidate. Now, build your resume from the ground up so it clearly shows that you possess as many of those traits and skills as possible.

Don’t make your resume too long

It’s all too easy to fill a resume with pages of information about your work history. Don’t fall into that trap! The common rule of thumb is to use roughly one page for every 10 years of work experience. But the far more important rule to follow is that every bit of information on your resume has to work towards showing why you’re the right candidate for that position. If something doesn’t make your resume better, then it’s making your resume worse. So be rigorous when deciding what to include and you’ll end up with a fantastic resume at the end.

Show, don’t tell

You can say that you’re “hardworking”, “a team player”, and “detail oriented” all you want, but simply stating these things can only do so much. If you really want your resume to have a strong impact, show the reader that you possess these traits and skills. This can be done by explaining situations where you demonstrated them either in your work or outside of it (we recommend doing this in a “most proud of” section). Also be sure to avoid using empty buzzwords (there are impactful ones you can use instead).

Delivery Driver resume experience example

Show your personality (the right way)

Nobody is saying that your stamp collection is relevant to getting hired as a logistics manager. However, if you’ve been planning your family’s annual vacation for 10 years, that says something about your ability to plan and problem-solve. So, whether it’s a side project, a passion, or just a personal story which shows something important about you, consider adding more personal information to your resume.

The 8 sections you should consider including in a travel & transportation resume

Adding all of these sections will likely make your resume too long, but carefully selecting the best ones for your needs should get you an excellent resume.
1. Resume Header
2. Experience
3. Skills
4. Languages
5. Most Proud Of
6. Contacts
7. My time
8. Education

1. Your Bio

A short resume header or bio at the top of the first page can have an outsized impact on how someone reads the rest of your resume. Here, you can add a few words to describe who you are and what the goal of your resume is. It sets the stage for the rest of your resume, adding context to enhance the impact of everything that follows.

2. Your Experience

This section should be about more than simply stating when you worked where. Use bullets underneath each job to explain the impact you had there. Be as specific as possible, as numbers and hard examples will always be more impactful than simply stating your responsibilities.

Truck Driver resume experience

3. Your Skills

To make it easy for recruiters and the algorithms they use to screen resumes, listing your relevant skills is essential. So check the job description and be sure to include any skills they’re looking for which you possess. Then, if possible, back them up elsewhere in the resume with more specifics.

Truck Driver resume skills example

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4. Your Languages

Speaking multiple languages may not be a direct requirement for your job, speaking multiple languages is great for any position where you’ll be interacting with people. Plus, speaking more than one languages shows intelligence and increases the likelihood you’ll get hired.

Delivery driver resume language

5. What you’re most proud of

This is a fantastic place to mention experience that doesn’t fit neatly to another part of your resume. Whether it’s mentioning your devotion to family, relevant hobbies or passions, or a case when you really went above and beyond in your job, this can be the most impactful part of a resume. Just make sure whatever you include helps show why you’re a great candidate for the job you’re applying for.

6. Where you can be found online

These days, it’s more likely than not that an employer is going to search for information about you online. If you have some professional online presence, it makes sense to include that on your resume. This way, you’re guiding a recruiter towards the parts of your online life that you want them to see.

Flight Attendant resume section example

7. How you spend your time

This is another resume section which can show your personality, priorities, and passions. You can also use this section to break down how you’ve spent your career or some other bit of relevant information which fits nicely into a pie chart.

Delivery driver resume section example

8. Your education

If you think it’s relevant for the position you’re applying to, include your education. Just be sure to include any relevant courses or activities. For example. If you were part of a club or started some initiative, this can demonstrate important personality traits an employer would want to know about.

Truck driver resume education example

How to get a referral on LinkedIn for the Travel and Transportation role you want

In most cases, the most effective thing you can do to improve your chances of getting hired is to get referred to a position. Referred employees are hired 60% of the time compared to everyone else who make it to an interview just 2% of the time. Needless to say, investing in the kind of personal connections and networks you need to get such a referral is invaluable.
So before you start applying, be sure to check your 1st and 2nd degree contacts in both LinkedIn and in any other relevant groups you may belong to. If you don’t have strong connections in the industry you’re looking to establish yourself in, start making them now!

Check out our guide on getting referrals for any job you’re applying for.

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