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There’s no one-size-fits-all template for a research resume. Whether you’re doing laboratory research, macroeconomic studies, clinical trials, or working with communities, you’ll need your research resume to emphasize totally different skills. The challenge is looking at a research opportunity and crafting a resume to best meet its unique requirements. Christopher Curran’s resume shows how this can be done.

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Chris’ unique path to research

While his background is as an attorney, Chris’ resume crafts that experience to show his qualifications for conducting research with a Fulbright grant. The bulk of his work has been with the latino community in the US and in Central and South America. However, Chris shows that he’s ready to work on housing policy with Bulgarian Roma communities by demonstrating a long history of community engagement and activism. His research resume does this in three key ways:

  • 1. It shows resilience and adaptability

    One of the best things any resume can do is show rather than tell. Instead of simply claiming that he possess these qualities, Chris’ research resume shows this through his experience. Demonstrating that he’s worked on a core set of issues for over 10 years and in a variety of ways shows that he’s ready to tackle a complex and difficult research project.

    Tip: think about life experiences outside of your work which might demonstrate you have the qualities to be a great researcher.

  • 2. It shows self-motivation

    When working on an independent research project, the ability to focus and be self-motivated is absolutely essential. Chris’ long history of work on immigrant justice issues demonstrates this quality. In particular, his “other skills” section shows where he’s gone above and beyond to find ways to add to projects beyond the legal realm.

  • 3. It shows a personal side

    Lastly, working as a researcher often means working with people. Whether this means research subjects, colleagues, or just a supervisor. Having the right personality is important when funding institutions are relying on you to both represent them in a positive light and get the job done. Chris shows his personality by mentioning yoga and meditation alongside the clear passion he has for his main body of legal work.

    Tip: Consider your audience when adding personal elements to your resume.

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